Vicious circles – EFF – Clicks – TRESemmé …

  Vicious circles are like octopus tentacles, cause problems or difficult situations that result in new problems that then re-emerge the original problem(s) or situation(s) - sometimes it ending up in corruption and briberies.   It repeats daily and is like a time bomb and deadly to any country's economy.   Those revolutionary forces, which were (or… Continue reading Vicious circles – EFF – Clicks – TRESemmé …

Malema – the blacks – killings

  Malema stated that Ramaphosa had been “captured” by wealth "white families" in the 1970's or 1980's.   Malema must do his homework - most of them are not white people.  Look at the friends of Mandela or ANC and you will find the answer, but they are not white people.    He further stated that… Continue reading Malema – the blacks – killings

Malema: Ramaphosa – Rupert

  Did the citizens of Soweto paid their electricity bills? "The municipality is unable to close him down because they are scared of him, because Rupert is the father of their president (Cyril Ramaphosa) and all their leaders," Malema said.   He urged EFF supporters and members to pay Rupert a visit and ask him when… Continue reading Malema: Ramaphosa – Rupert

To kill – an order

Most of the "supporters" see the socalled "struggle songs" as an order - to kill.  Look at the past 26 years.   This so-called struggle song, "Kill the boer, kill the farmer" has been used more after 1994 as before 1994 - is an excuse to send vibes out to their soldiers and partners in crime. … Continue reading To kill – an order

Terrorist and Raper Sebenzile Simane – Hankey, Eastern Cape

FARM ATTACKED - A victim sharing her farm attack ordeal Eastern Cape Police Commissioner Liziwe Ntshinga has welcomed the lengthy jail sentence handed down to an accused sentenced on Thursday, in the Port Elizabeth High court on 17 counts including rape, housebreaking, aggravated robbery, kidnapping, possession of a firearm and ammunition, attempted murder as well as… Continue reading Terrorist and Raper Sebenzile Simane – Hankey, Eastern Cape

South African Farm attacks and killings

Mandela continued to define farm murders as, “In the period January 1 to November 24  2017 there were 51 crimes occurred on the Free State farms. During the commission of these crimes, 14 murders occurred, with only three known instances in which the motive was murder. Arrests have been made for ONLY 11 of these… Continue reading South African Farm attacks and killings