Nuclear – Zuma – Malema

Is dit regtig Malema wat agter alles sit of is die Zuma faktor steeds op die horison wat nog nie verdwyn het nie?   Watter rolle speel hierdie parlementslede - vir hulself, party of vir die groter magte?   Of sit die Russe self agter alles  - hulle was ook betrokke in Angola 'n paar jaar gelede. … Continue reading Nuclear – Zuma – Malema

Zuma-Ramaphosa – ANC faction – Guptas – Saxonwold

Take note, during the time Zuma was President of the ANC and country, Ramaphosa was his right hand and deputy and part of the ANC and the government.      By the way - the Gupta family - accused of widespread corruption in South Africa - owned seven properties in Saxonwold and involved in mining… Continue reading Zuma-Ramaphosa – ANC faction – Guptas – Saxonwold

Gupta – Zuma – Duduzane

  Duduzane Zuma intends to sue the state for R1.5m for unlawful arrest in his corruption case as well as the police for unlawful arrest and detention.   He will also sue the National Prosecution Authority (NPA) for malicious prosecution. The corruption charges were provisionally withdrawn in the specialised commercial crimes court in January with the NPA… Continue reading Gupta – Zuma – Duduzane