Dr Hendrik Verwoerd (1901-1966)

Before 1970.   Dr Verwoerd wanted justice to all - black, coloureds, asian and white, all ethnic groups of people to build their own future, life, culture, language, traditions, and all new challenges thereafter.   In line with international laws.    Here are the few videos of Dr Hendrik Verwoerd.   There are still segregation in South Africa… Continue reading Dr Hendrik Verwoerd (1901-1966)

Wyle Dr H F Verwoerd – 6 September 2019

Kgosi Lucas Manyane Mangope, one of the previous Homeland leaders had ruled a showpiece state, Bophuthatswana.  Bophuthatswana was one of the 10 homelands and independence (TBVC) was part of their future with Hendrik Verwoerd’s twinkling words, “a policy of good neighbourliness” (various speeches).    Mangope was one of the tradisional Homeland leaders, elected by all his… Continue reading Wyle Dr H F Verwoerd – 6 September 2019

Moordenaar – Dimitri Tsafendas – Killer

Who was Dimitri Tsafendas really?   The killer of the late H F Verwoerd.   There are various books, opinions and information available about this man and his double communist agenda to kill Verwoerd.   But there are others behind him that gave orders.  Tsafendas believed in the same things as communists do and no he did not… Continue reading Moordenaar – Dimitri Tsafendas – Killer

Dr Hendrik Verwoerd – 8 September 1901-6 September 1966

Whether liberals and communists want to take away his smile or twist his words as they please, our history will not change.  Dr Hendrik Verwoerd is a man who is and will be part of our history.  An eraser or tippex will not work to get rid of other people's history.   Every people in South… Continue reading Dr Hendrik Verwoerd – 8 September 1901-6 September 1966

Afrikanerbond – Afrikaner-Broederbond in SA

Everybody have choices today and even yesterday.   But a men's organisation do not have a mandate to negotiate such an important issue - what about us, the non-members?   Do they really they they are a god's organisation?   The Afrikanerbond members think they are part of the Afrikaner and Boer people (volk), but they are not. … Continue reading Afrikanerbond – Afrikaner-Broederbond in SA

Van Riebeeck dag

Van Riebeeck dag - wie kan dit nog onthou? Stigtingsdag ... wie kan dit nog onthou? STIGTINGSDAG Front Nasionaal SA Dit was vir my nog altyd ‘n eienaardige toeval dat die skeepschirurgyn, Jan Antonijzoon van Riebeeck van Culemborg juis op die oggend van 16 Desember 1651 in die hawe van Texel sou inskeep op sy… Continue reading Van Riebeeck dag

Malema is also an immigrant from Africa

Southern part of Africa was empty in 1652.   Only a few people were here.   Malema also said now on twitter he and all the blacks are immigrants from Africa - it is the truth. Malema erken dit openlik - wonder waarom nou skielik?   Malema is niks anders as 'n terroris en opstoker nie, asook ander… Continue reading Malema is also an immigrant from Africa