Black empowerment, unemployment and crime is not democracy

What democracy is there really in South Africa - Government ANC is one sided racists and discriminate against all WHITES in South Africa - and then they call that "democracy" or a policy.  An Act is NOT a policy.   Who received so much income from B-BBEE companies (follow the podium and the news)?  not the… Continue reading Black empowerment, unemployment and crime is not democracy

BBEE Trustfund Motsepe

Saam met swart bemagtiging wat verskeidenheid volke insluit, sluit dit ook blanke volke uit - rassisme - en dan word ons as Afrikaners en Boere (blankes) beskuldig dat ons rassiste is.  Ons het nie B-BBEE wetgewings of selfs Trustwetgewing of CPA wetgewings geskep nie.   Die feit bly staan, dit is rassisties en sluit blankes uit. … Continue reading BBEE Trustfund Motsepe