99 Leasehold (99 jaar Pag stelsel)

  Properties are of two or even more kinds — freehold property and leasehold property. While the former refers to properties that are "free from hold" of any other entity except the owner for an indefinite period, the latter are properties usually leased for a period, commonly for 99 years from the time of construction. But, why the unusual… Continue reading 99 Leasehold (99 jaar Pag stelsel)

Violent Farm invasion – KZN – Mathulini CPA

On 7 July 2019, a farm manager in KwaZulu-Natal was hospitalised with burns on Saturday after "violent thugs" invaded a farm, set it alight and allegedly threw him into the flames.  IFP MP Inkosi Bhekizizwe Luthuli revealed details about the incident in a statement on Sunday on behalf of the Mathulini Communal Property Association (CPA).   “The… Continue reading Violent Farm invasion – KZN – Mathulini CPA

White Killings – Land – Malema

Black on black killings - black on indian, coloureds and whites killings.   Attacks and killings are unhuman.   Not only now, but since 1800 and even before where they came from.   Swartes op swartes wat mekaar uitgewis het, so ook voor 1900 en die Mfecane, was dit swartes wat swartes doodgemaak het, vroue en vee gesteel… Continue reading White Killings – Land – Malema

Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng – land restitution

Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng said previously that the process of land restitution has been very slow in South Africa.    Is that what is minuted in Hansards and Legislations?   Speaking on POWER Talk, Mogoeng have also said that the issue of land ought to be treated in the seriousness it deserves.   Asked if he thinks… Continue reading Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng – land restitution

Tribalism VS the “Toxic tribalism”

Nie almal van ons het die kennis of ander wil nie weet dat aparte tuislande steeds bestaan nie.  Voor tuislane was dit reservate of kroongebiede.  Heelwat glo mos De Klerk en Mandela het segregasie doodgemaak.   Dit is nie die waarheid nie.  Lees en verbreed kennis op die gebied.  Daar is sekere wetgewings geskrap en dis… Continue reading Tribalism VS the “Toxic tribalism”

Landgrabs – Somerset – N2

  The N2 highway in Somerset West has been closed in both directions as a result of a land invasion.   City of Cape Town traffic service's Richard Coleman said law enforcement authorities were on the scene.   "Due to the land invasion operation in Somerset West the N2 is closed in both directions between Somerset Main… Continue reading Landgrabs – Somerset – N2

Zwelithini: Traditional leaders: SA – budget

  The Zulu king and traditional leader,  Goodwill Zwelithini's annual budget is set to be R75m during the 2021/22 financial year and it will increase slightly this year to R66m from  R65.8m in 2018.   This is according to the estimates of the provincial revenue and expenditure for 2019/20 prepared by the KwaZulu-Natal provincial treasury and… Continue reading Zwelithini: Traditional leaders: SA – budget

Begroting – tradisionele leiers 2019

Dis net die begin, en weer begroting en natuurlik sal al hierdie tradisionele leiers hulle pond vleis vanuit die staatskas verkry, soos dit jaarliks gedoen word.   Lig u mense in wat aangaan.   Ons  het almal sedert 1994 onder die indruk verkeer dat tuislande weg is (aparte gebiede) - toe nie - dit het Trustgebiede geword… Continue reading Begroting – tradisionele leiers 2019

Landclaim : Centurion – Pretoria Oos-East

MASSIVE LAND CLAIMS IN CENTURION AND PRETORIA- EAST (Front National) If people still want to be naive and hold the belief that land grabs or land claims will not affect urban areas and is only happening in some remote area or is only reserved for agricultural land, must think again.   Residents are feeling the impact… Continue reading Landclaim : Centurion – Pretoria Oos-East

SA Farmers on their way out?

REMEMBER:    NO FARMER - NO FOOD Land expropriation is still a highly contested issue in South Africa, and it confuses a lot of people.    The results are clear, young farmers are leaving the country in high numbers, heading to countries like Canada, America, Australia and other countries.    At the end of the… Continue reading SA Farmers on their way out?