Corruption of ANC – Thabo Mbeki

  Is the ANC alone in this scandals?   Do not think so.  The Arms deals scandal started decades back and more scandals followed soon - Textbook scandal - Escom, SAL, SABC, Denel - all SOE's scandal - Gupta scandal - Nkandla scandal - Tenders and Trains scandal - Soccer stadium scandal - Land scandal -… Continue reading Corruption of ANC – Thabo Mbeki

Gear and Neo Liberalism

  Trevor Manuel is not alone, he carries the frustration of the entire system of capitalist including liberals and other anti-communists, and hence he becomes the New Pope of the 1996 class project. As history marches forward it renders null and void that which is not consistent with reality and the interests of the majority,… Continue reading Gear and Neo Liberalism

Kommando sisteem – Commando system (FN)

Dit was 360 jaar gelede wat die Kommando sisteem begin het in suidelike Afrika.   Dis deur die Thabo Mbeki regering afgeskaf saam met Lekota toe hy Minister van die ANC kabinet was.   En ons, waar sit ons vandag?   ons het ook buurt en plaaswagte begin.   Maar die kommando sisteem was 'n baie sisteem waarvan almal… Continue reading Kommando sisteem – Commando system (FN)

Jayendra Naidoo

Involved in the Arms deals - "on behalf of the presidents" office (Mandela was the president)...  various links together Jayendra Naidoo The Government Employees Pension Fund’s (GEPF) R4.3bn investment in Steinhoff’s empowerment shareholder, Lancaster, which is partially owned by Pepkor Holdings chair Jayendra Naidoo, was rendered worthless after the 2017 accounting scandal wiped off about R200bn of… Continue reading Jayendra Naidoo

Multi-culture failed in South Africa

  Various "leaders" are looking for the "rainbow" in South Africa - because there is no rainbow nation in South Africa.   We are all different peoples, each with their own history, culture, traditions, language, ethnic groupsings and identity.  Respect that. Mandela’s rainbow nation has gone from hero to zero. Can it reclaim his legacy?  -… Continue reading Multi-culture failed in South Africa


Alles was voorafbeplan gewees.   Here is Nelson Mandela at his presidential inauguration with his deputies, FW de Klerk and Thabo Mbeki THE SO-CALLED END OF APARTHEID - 1994 *** 2012 - DE KLERK SAID MANDELA WAS IN JAIL TOO LONG AND HE CAN DO BUSINESS WITH MANDELA (WHY WAS MANDELA IN JAIL AGAIN:  PLANTING… Continue reading F W DE KLERK

Mandela, Mbeki and the Guptas

They all linked to each other.  From day one when the so-called constitution was signed.   Financed by Open Society - George Soros.   Here they with Thabo Mbeki. Mandela and the Guptas * The signing of agreements was in 2010  by the Chinese Vice-President Xi Jinping and South African Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe meet for… Continue reading Mandela, Mbeki and the Guptas