San people in SA

The San are the oldest inhabitants of Southern Africa, where they have lived for at least 20 000 years. The term San is commonly used to refer to a diverse group of hunter-gatherers living in Southern Africa who share historical and linguistic connections. The San were also referred to as Bushmen, but this term has since… Continue reading San people in SA

Cave camp bedding in Lebombo, South Africa

The Border Cave is a deep gash in a cliff face, high in the Lebombo Mountains of South Africa. Sheltered from the elements, the spot has yielded bones, tools, and preserved plant material that paint a detailed picture of the lives of human inhabitants for more than 200,000 years. Now, there’s a new sketch emerging:… Continue reading Cave camp bedding in Lebombo, South Africa

Rooibostee ~ Rooibos tea (Cederberge)

  Rooibostee is lankal nie net meer "kruietee" nie, dit het tot 'n groter industrie ontwikkel soos wat enige ander plant of selfs mineraal ontwikkel het - selfs skoonheidsmiddels word hiervan vervaardig.  Platinum, mangaan, goud en diamante is ook nie net 'n paar stukke kosbare mineraal of rotse uit die aarde nie, maar het elkeen… Continue reading Rooibostee ~ Rooibos tea (Cederberge)

Rooibos tea – Rooibostee

Rooibostee is 'n handelsnaam verwant aan Suid-Afrika, spesifiek die Cederberge in die Wes-Kaap provinsie.   'n Unieke tee wat slegs hier voorkom in die Cederberge in Wes-Kaap.  The Cederberg is the only place in the world where rooibos tea can be grown. To this remark, you'll either say "Amazing, the only place in the world?" Or… Continue reading Rooibos tea – Rooibostee

Traditional and Khoi-San Leadership Act

While a new law sees the formally recognising Khoi and San communities, its critics say it also opens up vulnerable communities to exploitation by mining companies.   Like the rest of us too, not only the Khoi san peoples, we all are in the same position. * Daar is moontlik heelwat gemengde reaksies met die aanvaarding… Continue reading Traditional and Khoi-San Leadership Act

Proposed Traditional Khoisan Leadership Bill (TKLB)

  The Khoisan leaders have rejected the proposed Traditional and Khoisan Leadership Bill (TKLB) once more.   This follows a protest by the Alliance for Rural Democracy (ARD) a few weeks ago.   The protesters called on President Cyril Ramaphosa not to sign the Traditional and Khoisan Leadership and Traditional Courts bills calling them “Bantustan bills”.     We all… Continue reading Proposed Traditional Khoisan Leadership Bill (TKLB)

Richtersveld – Diamonds

There are various kinds of minerals in South Africa - we all know that and we all know that there were different WARS about this minerals and there are still today the same WARS, between the people and those "elites" that wanted everything for themselves.  Richtersveld area was also a land claim from the Khoi… Continue reading Richtersveld – Diamonds

Legislation only for black and khoisan

There are more B-BBEE legislation against white population of South Africa as well as policies Legislation Assigned to the Provincial Premiers - some from the old area as well.  The following lists are the most important pieces of legislation assigned to the provincial Premiers and traditional leaders. The following are the main pieces of legislation governing the regulation… Continue reading Legislation only for black and khoisan