Carlos Ghosn – Takashi Takano – Junichiro Hironaka 

  Observers were shocked when he came out of the Tokyo Detention House alongside a phalanx of guards as well as other men wearing similar caps, surgical masks and construction worker outfits. Takano said the legal team’s first task after securing Ghosn’s bail was to bring him to his residence without delay so that he… Continue reading Carlos Ghosn – Takashi Takano – Junichiro Hironaka 

Opinion of the Carlos Ghosn case

26 June 2019 - Japan today -  As a lawyer who has practiced for more than 35 years in my home country, it gives me no joy to issue this warning: Japan Inc has returned.   This may come as a surprise to many – it certainly was for me.  Unfortunately, this is not the country… Continue reading Opinion of the Carlos Ghosn case

Carlos Ghosn – Nissan

According to The Financial Times (subscription required) in a report last Thursday, Ghosn has is suing Nissan and Mitsubishi Motors in The Netherlands. A joint venture called Nissan-Mitsubishi BV (NMBV) employed Ghosn as chairman when the Renault-Nissan alliance created the entity in 2017. The Renault-Nissan alliance acquired a controlling stake in Mitsubishi in 2016.   Details provided in the report… Continue reading Carlos Ghosn – Nissan

Carlos Ghosn

  TOKYO— -25 April 2019 - Carlos Ghosn left a Tokyo jail for a second time late Thursday, returning to his modest   one-bedroom apartment in the city—this time alone after agreeing not to see his wife without prior court approval.   The restriction was one of the conditions for Mr. Ghosn’s latest release on bail, and… Continue reading Carlos Ghosn

Nissan – Japan

  Japanese car giant Nissan plans to cut more than 10,000 jobs worldwide, reports said Wednesday, as it works to turn its fortunes around after its former chief was arrested over financial misconduct.  The cuts come after Nissan announced in May it would trim 4,800 posts from its global workforce of around 139,000.   The decision… Continue reading Nissan – Japan

Japan Mozu Kofungun (Ancient)

Although small in scale, Nonaka Kofun is one of the few kofun that has been investigated among tombs of the Furuichi Tomb Cluster. While the identity of the interred is still shrouded in mystery, the presence of technologically advanced weapons and armor imply military power, the wide range of tools and farming implements suggest productive… Continue reading Japan Mozu Kofungun (Ancient)

Japan – Mozu-Furuichi tumulus clusters

The World Heritage Committee decided to inscribe a group of ancient tombs in Osaka Prefecture to UNESCO’s World Cultural Heritage List at its meeting in Baku.   Collectively called the Mozu-Furuichi tumulus clusters, the group of burial mounds, or kofun in Japanese, was built from the late fourth to the late fifth centuries — during the… Continue reading Japan – Mozu-Furuichi tumulus clusters