KAS – CIS -Afriforum-Pioneer-Saai-AaA- Agrico-Boiphitlhelelo – Noga’s Post village

Die skema is swart bemagtiging en heet Koöperatiewe aansporingskema (KAS) - "  The scheme referred to as the Co-operative Incentive Scheme" (CIS) and a B-BBEE scheme.AfriForum, Pioneer, Saai, Agri All Africa (AaA), Purposely Ignited, Boschveld Free Range Chickens, Agrico and Laeveld Agrochem took hands with the Boiphitlhelelo Co-operative to tackle a joint agricultural development project… Continue reading KAS – CIS -Afriforum-Pioneer-Saai-AaA- Agrico-Boiphitlhelelo – Noga’s Post village