National House of Traditional Leadership – Thembuland Royal Empire

The 'Select Committee on Petitions and Executive Undertakings' received petitions from the Thembuland Royal Empire and the National House of Traditional Leadership.    The petition submitted by the AbaThembu contained allegations that included the manipulation of the justice system with the intention of destroying the AbaThembu Nation in South Africa, and the delay of the land… Continue reading National House of Traditional Leadership – Thembuland Royal Empire

Bills at parliament – property rights – health insurance – reserve bank

  The sixth democratic Parliament has had a demanding 28 weeks since its establishment following the May general election. On the agenda were 31 Bills revived from the stage at which they lapsed when the previous Parliament’s term ended – and another 13 new Bills.   It is these new bills which are likely to dominate… Continue reading Bills at parliament – property rights – health insurance – reserve bank

Expropriation without compensation – Constitution

Die vorige kommentaar en insette was gelewer en dis nooit in ag geneem nie - die regering maak en doen net soos hulle lekker kry en soos dit hul behaag.   Verseker gaan die sogenaamde grondwet (kommunisties) wat al hoeveel maal gewysig is, weer gewysig word om hierdie internasionale reg van ons te ontneem.   Ons het… Continue reading Expropriation without compensation – Constitution

Eskom – housing – Hostelle

  As hulle nie bedel nie, spandeer hulle dit.  Belastinggeld word baie rondgeslinger, en was daar ooit soveel spandeer op hierdie onvoltooide projek deur Eskom.    Nou wie het soveel aan Eskom "belowe" wat volgens berigte, die volgende twee jaar 'n borgtog van bykans R120 biljoen sal kry, het meer as R300 miljoen op die… Continue reading Eskom – housing – Hostelle

SA Parliament – Eskom

Parliament, Tuesday, 17 September 2019 – The Northern Cape permanent delegates to the National Council of Provinces (NCOP) were shocked to learn that the province’s municipalities had the highest vacancy rate in the country, their irregular expenditure had increased to R624 million while their debt to Eskom stands at R1.3 billion. As of July 2019, the… Continue reading SA Parliament – Eskom

Labour Laws – South Africa

In November 2017,  the National Assembly in South Africa passed several pieces of labour legislation that have important implications for employers and employees in South Africa. The National Minimum Wage Bill, the Basic Conditions of Employment Amendment Bill, and the Labour Relations Amendment Bill were passed by the National Assembly. *** 27 November 2018 The… Continue reading Labour Laws – South Africa

RDP – Housing Finance in South Africa

  South Africa’s residential property market forms the largest component of the South African property market, comprising most of the property assets within the country. By the end of 2017, the South African deeds registry had 7.2 million properties, worth R6.8 trillion (US$472 billion). Of this, about R5.1 trillion (US$354 billion) is in the residential… Continue reading RDP – Housing Finance in South Africa