RBM – Richards Bay – communities Nhlabane, Mzingazi …

RICHARDS Bay Minerals (RBM) has invested R3-million in the upgrading of the Nhlabane and Mzingazi sports fields.    The upgrades will include ablution facilities, change rooms, grand stands and landscaping.   These improvements form part of the 17 social and labour plan projects approved by the Department of Mineral Resources. RBM Managing Director Werner Duvenhage, accompanied… Continue reading RBM – Richards Bay – communities Nhlabane, Mzingazi …

IFP – Buthelezi – Mandlakazi, Nongoma

  After voting at Mangqwashu Primary School of his home village of Mandlakazi in Nongoma, Mncwango said this party in KwaZulu-Natal would negotiate with any political party except the ANC. Buthelezi said his party was also opened to negotiations, but not with a party that had socialist ideologies. He said coalitions were part of democracy. … Continue reading IFP – Buthelezi – Mandlakazi, Nongoma

2 May 1994 – A violent road

  This was reported in a magazine of 1994 - It is around midnight, Easter Sunday. In the emergency room of Soweto's Baragwanath Hospital "casualties" have been mounting for hours. One after another, bleeding young black men and women from the township are wheeled in, unconscious from their injuries and their drinking. Most of the… Continue reading 2 May 1994 – A violent road

Begroting – tradisionele leiers 2019

Dis net die begin, en weer begroting en natuurlik sal al hierdie tradisionele leiers hulle pond vleis vanuit die staatskas verkry, soos dit jaarliks gedoen word.   Lig u mense in wat aangaan.   Ons  het almal sedert 1994 onder die indruk verkeer dat tuislande weg is (aparte gebiede) - toe nie - dit het Trustgebiede geword… Continue reading Begroting – tradisionele leiers 2019

Zulu King claim failed – December 2018

  December 2018 - The Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini has failed to convince the Land Claims Court to order his subjects to share land, which was won in a successful land claim, with him.  In a judgment handed down by the court this week, it also made a cost order against the Ingonyama Trust – an unusual occurrence in this… Continue reading Zulu King claim failed – December 2018

Etnisiteit: Konserwatiewe blankes

Net soos wat die Zoeloevolk deel is van verskillende Nguni volke in suidelike Afrika, verskil hulle elkeen onderling van mekaar -  taal, kultuur en tradiosioneel.  Daarom was daar sedert 1854 verskillende stamgebiede, reserwes, kroongebiede en later tuislande.  Na 1994 het dit alles steeds apart gebly, onder nuwe benamings soos CPA en Trustgebiede.   Hul verskil ook… Continue reading Etnisiteit: Konserwatiewe blankes