Pretoria – Druglords – looters

We all know in South Africa that we have to face a huge drug problem together with high crime.   But, is this ongoing revolution really drug related or is there more behind this "looting, burning and druglords" - insurances?    This is arson and terrorism.  An allegation was made about a taxi driver that was… Continue reading Pretoria – Druglords – looters

South Africa – Revolution – Ongoing

  In political and social sciences, communism (from Latin communis, “common, universal")  is the philosophical, social, political, and economic ideology  and  movement  whose ultimate goal is the establishment of the communist society, which is a  socio- economic order structured upon the common ownership of the means of production and the absence of social classes, money, and the state. At Marikana  - 2012  - This is all part of the revolution.   Communism includes a variety of… Continue reading South Africa – Revolution – Ongoing

Couple killed at Umkomaas

  REPORTS indicate that police have apprehended a man allegedly involved in the robbery and murder of an elderly Willow Glen, Umkomaas couple.   According to the information, the husband and wife were found murdered at the property during the night at 6.15pm (August 1).   Simpathy to the family and may they rest in peace. The 37-year-old… Continue reading Couple killed at Umkomaas

Ukrainian tourist killed – Ivan Ivanov

  An Ukrainian tourist was stabbed to death for his backpack on a scenic Hout Bay trail on Saturday morning.   Ivan Ivanov, 44, was attacked about 10m from the trail exit at East Fort on Chapman’s Peak Drive around 11.30am.  During a brief struggle with his three attackers he was stabbed a number of times in… Continue reading Ukrainian tourist killed – Ivan Ivanov

Annette Jooste

  Annette Jooste (58) drove from Vereeniging to Mossel Bay in search of a better life. Friends offered her a job there. But what she thought was a good deed cost her her life. Two people who she gave a lift to were arrested in connection with her murder last Sunday.   * Police managed… Continue reading Annette Jooste

Farmer and his wife tortured and murdered: Sakkie and Ina van der Berg

The couple were tortured and murdered on Friday (12 July 2019) !!!!  Sakkie and Ina van der Berg were tortured and brutally killed on Friday night during a farm attack on a farm in the Boshoff / Dealesville area in the Free State.       Issues relating to the increasing number of farm attacks and… Continue reading Farmer and his wife tortured and murdered: Sakkie and Ina van der Berg

Statistics – attacks and killings of Afrikaners by blacks – June 2019

  Summary of attacks and killings of Afrikaners / boers by blacks – June 2019.   Armed terrorists. * * More information at: *** Afrikaners/Boers killed by black terrorists Statistics – attacks and killings of Afrikaners by blacks – January-May 2019