Kosie Breedt and Johan Lubbe – 1978

From a tragedy on the old streets of Johannesburg, a man would be sent on a life-long quest. Through divine guidance, unrelenting hard work and the promise of intrigue, that man would save the memory of his brother.  The suspect collected a total of nine convictions for crimes described as being 'sexual in nature and… Continue reading Kosie Breedt and Johan Lubbe – 1978

Self-defence – selfverdediging

Hoe verdedig enige persoon hulself of hul familielede as hul lewe bedreig word?  Deur 24 uur 'n dag paraat te wees.  Nie net Boere nie, maar veral die  Blanke minderheidsvolk.    Ons word daagliks blootgestel aan misdaad, op plase, plotte, huise, besighede en selfs op paaie, waar ongelisensieerdes koning kraai en meestal met onpadwaardige voertuie… Continue reading Self-defence – selfverdediging

Senekal – Sekola Matlaletsa and Sekwetje Mahlamba

Wie se bloed is dan in die voertuig en areas gevind.    Daar is drie verskillende tipe bloed gekry van mans?   Wat is die bloed groepe van die aangehoudendes?    Waar is die derde persoon dan, as hul verbind word met die moord dan weet hul waar die derde persoon is.  Soos altyd, word daar… Continue reading Senekal – Sekola Matlaletsa and Sekwetje Mahlamba

Sept-Oct 2020 White attacks killings

In the first six months of the year 2020 , 139 attacks and 26 murders have taken place on farms in South Africa.   In KZN there have been 12 farm attacks and four murders, agricultural union TLU SA said.    What about the other months - even during the curfew it is still ongoing. *Aanvalle… Continue reading Sept-Oct 2020 White attacks killings

Easy to kill during CURFEW in South Africa

  Libberals and communists - Drop the acts of white killings in South Africa.  How many attacks and killing took place since March 2020 and the so-called virus?  There is a second curfew during July 2020 in South Africa.    Where were the army and police in South Africa when terrorists killed farmers and their… Continue reading Easy to kill during CURFEW in South Africa

Steve Cioccolanti – Where are the churches and justice in South Africa?

Steve Cioccolanti asked:  Where are the churches in South Africa?      Where are the Justice system in South Africa?    Especially against the White minority people of South Africa.   Black economic empowerment - racism and discrimination.   Expropriation of property rights against the white minority of South Africa. * "I believe the genocide of whites… Continue reading Steve Cioccolanti – Where are the churches and justice in South Africa?

Krugersdorp killers and terrorists

She told Rajivec that she was dying and would faint and throw up blood at times.   It emerged that Cecilia would drive away from her house, cut the fingertips off a rubber glove and fill them with her own blood. She would then keep these blood bubbles in her mouth until she had one of… Continue reading Krugersdorp killers and terrorists

Breinspoel, 100 karakter-persoonlikhede en moorde

Terwyl daar na die #Krugersdorp Moorde gekyk is het daar 'n warboel gedagtes gevorm.   Maar eerstens, hiermee opregte simpatie aan elke familielid wat 'n geliefde verloor het in die onheilspellende moordverhale en regbank repetisies wat al jare aan die gang is.  As daar na die video's gekyk word, is sommige kommentare nie net lagwekkend nie,… Continue reading Breinspoel, 100 karakter-persoonlikhede en moorde

Krugersdorp killers (video’s)

Various video's of the Krugersdorp killers.  Steyn has admitted to having multiple personalities. During court proceedings, Steyn confirmed that she had consulted a psychologist to deal with her mental disorder. While court testimony previously revealed that Steyn had professed to possessing extreme supernatural power – including the ability to transform into a baby or a wolf –… Continue reading Krugersdorp killers (video’s)

Farmer killed and burnt in Nigel, SA

Terrorist attacks and murder on 20 June 2019. Sympathy to this farmer's family of Nigel.   A 44 year old farmer, Johan Pretorius was first attacked by terrorists with pick-axe's handle over his head and body.   Later the terrorists burnt his body and vehicle.  His body was found next to the vehicle. A farmer in Nigel died… Continue reading Farmer killed and burnt in Nigel, SA