Chain SA Criminal Justice System

The Magistrates’ Courts are the lower courts which deal with the less serious criminal and civil cases. They are divided into regional courts and district courts. In Criminal Courts the state prosecutes people for breaking the law. Criminal Courts can  be divided into two groups: Regional Magistrate's Courts Ordinary Magistrate's Courts (also called District Courts) * Read… Continue reading Chain SA Criminal Justice System

Levubu : Cloete farm murders

  Both of them were murdered in their home on their farm and then the terrorist burnt down the bodies and house, all evidence.  Ina and Louis Cloete ; Ina age 65, and Louis (Fanie) Cloete age 71 from Limpopo’s Levubu have passed away. Their charred bodies were discovered in their burned-down farmhouse last week.… Continue reading Levubu : Cloete farm murders

Farm Attacks-Killings February 2022

  Gedurende Februarie 2022 was daar 17 aanvalle op plase in Suid-Afrika en 3 moorde op blanke Boere.   In Januarie 2022 was daar  14 plaasaanvalle en 4 plaasmoorde op blanke Boere.   Daar word altyd vertel hoe baie aanvalle en moorde is daar, maar die vraag is, is dit ooit die werklikheid.  Waar is al hierdie… Continue reading Farm Attacks-Killings February 2022

Crime – Attacks and Murders

Daar vind daagliks aanvalle en moorde plaas, asook plaasaanvalle.  GEEN moordenaar moet vry beweeg nie en hoort in geen gemeenskap nie.   Elke moordsaak moet prioriteit geniet.  Die indruk word gewek dat die regering ook nie baie doen om ernstige misdadigers aan te keer nie, want hoeveel moordenaars sit reeds in tronke en ander is onopgeloste… Continue reading Crime – Attacks and Murders

To kill the white citizens in South Africa

The mission and end goal are to attack, torture and kill - as well as rape. The shouting and singing of them are like thunder, today it is there and tomorrow it is back again, sometimes more intense than other days and more destructure as possible. The ANC red revolution did not stop in 1994,… Continue reading To kill the white citizens in South Africa

Farm /White Attacks and Killings – August 2020

Farm attacks and killing 2020 so far.   There were even killings during the curfew and virus at night.   Aandklokreël het nie misdadigers en moordenaars gestop om ons Blankes en Boere te verniel, aan te rand, martel en vermoor nie.August 2020- 52 farm attacks and 9 farm murders.July 2020- 55 farm attacks, 9 farm murders.June 2020-… Continue reading Farm /White Attacks and Killings – August 2020

Farm attacks and killings – SA – Moorde en plaasaanvalle

CONSTITUTION - Life 11. Everyone has the right to life.  There is no doubt, the government ANC can not stop and do not want to stop farm killings, tortures and attacks.  Create own neighbourhood security watch or like the old 'Commando' system that previously worked in rural areas - our own people, the veterans can… Continue reading Farm attacks and killings – SA – Moorde en plaasaanvalle