Ramaphosa : South Africa (FN)

FRONT NATIONAL FARMS ATTACKS, FOOD SECURITY AND AGRICULTURAL SAFETY The following letter was delivered to the office of the President of South Africa this morning: To: Mr Cyril Ramaphosa President of the Republic of South Africa Dear President Ramaphosa, FARMS ATTACKS, FOOD SECURITY AND AGRICULTURAL SAFETY You might recall that there was quite some discord… Continue reading Ramaphosa : South Africa (FN)


Malema and attacks/farms killing

FARM MURDERS / KILLINGS AND ATTACKS SOLUTION:  OUR OWN INDEPENDENT COUNTRY - WE ALSO HAVE RIGHTS https://twitter.com/4MinorityInRSA/status/1091079747629649922 @SecPompeo Carte Blanche South Africa’s longest running investigative journalism programme has directly linked Julius Malema leader of Economic Freedom Fighters to #FarmMurders in #SouthAfrica. Why did Carte Blanche not pursue their investigation? WATCH > The renowned (Carte Blanche)… Continue reading Malema and attacks/farms killing

Farmers in South Africa (killings)

Plaasaanvalle en plaasmoorde - farm killings and attacks - various attacks the whole month - here are a few Dis lankal nie meer net plase wat geraak word nie - attacks are also in cities and towns Verdedig jouself en jou familie - sluit aan by buurt en plaaswagte They attack always in groups -… Continue reading Farmers in South Africa (killings)

ongoing Revolution in South Africa

  FAILE   "RAINBOW NATION" KILLINGS - FARM MURDERS AND ATTACKS VIDEO https://www.bitchute.com/video/2d0tv1mxAdqW/ Youtube: https://youtu.be/UO86eolz-z8 High Quality Download: https://anonfile.com/V2x4j0k9ba/S_dAfrikaFinalCUt_mp4 Music: Infinite Ammo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cyhT0qwNe-4 John Wick Medley https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IBvf7KUEZ78 Hydrogen(Ho... *** FAILED STATE   ANC minutes (June 1993) destroys the myth of a "Rainbow Nation" The document appears to be valid ... your input is welcomed. The document… Continue reading ongoing Revolution in South Africa

Plaasaanvalle en moorde

FARM ATTACKS ON FARMERS If you think that the slaughter of #SouthAfrican farmers is not genocide enough, ask them about their land, language, religion, education, universities, heritage, monuments, safety, dignity and the race-based regulations imposed upon them and their children.... Thank you Lauren Southern https://www.facebook.com/100003175937047/videos/1976218995827279/ In SUID-AFRIKA - Plaasaanvalle en moorde 1- 15 Desember 2018 Farm… Continue reading Plaasaanvalle en moorde