To kill – an order

They see it as an order.  This so-called struggle song, “Kill the boer, kill the farmer” has been used more after 1994 as before 1994 – is an excuse to send vibes out to their soldiers and partners in crime.    But there is also long run that preceded the song “Kill the Boer kill the farmer”.  While they often sing it, their partners in crime kill and torture whites and especially farmers on a daily basis, they keep on dancing, burning and destroying everything.   They all laugh when a white has been killed.      Their struggle, so their leaders told, was about the so-called “apartheid” but in the meantime – after 1994 and during 1993-4 Codesa –  the old homelands were only “transferred” to the traditional leaders and the same system just have a change of names to Trustlands.   There are still 30 million living on the same areas, separate from each other, while immigrants took over the other areas.

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Nothing has been changed from before 1994 elections untilnow.   All their areas, have their own legislations in place, like before 1994.     There is in any case nothing wrong to have own areas, but then we as Afrikaners and Boers want our own independence – and that is not apartheid.   We are not part of them and never will be.  Any minority do have rights to rule themselves like Western-Sahara and South Sudan in 2011.

Landclaims were also implemented after 1994 under CPA legislation.   Segregation never stopped.   Black and coloured segregation started again in 1994 with tribal leaders and their registered CPA’s (under the Landclaim legislation).

Today (December 2018) they have 8840 traditional leaders in their own and separate Trustlands and CPA’s.

But there was a difference in the NOW and 1966.   Before the 1994 elections it was decided by their own leaders of the various homelands to get their own independence.    Some of the 10 homelands were very far developed to get full independence.  We, as white Afrikaners and Boers did not force them to do that – they did that with their own elections in their own homelands.  People that say there were no elections – there are evidence of numerous elections that took place before 1994.


Kill the Boer – An extract showing out of control school children singing and dancing a famous anti-apartheid song. Watch the full film on Journeyman:

This was filmed in Soweto in 1990, this clip is a rare glimpse of the inner sanctum of the township comrades and their infamous dance, “Kill the Boer”. In a school where the headmaster lost control long ago, instead of respecting teachers the kids look up to “comrades” – who along the way destroyed the school system in their battle against apartheid. The footage is taken from the documentary ‘Children Of The Revolution’. Produced by Journeyman Pictures. Ref – 20 Journeyman Pictures is your independent source for the world’s most powerful films, exploring the burning issues of today. We represent stories from the world’s top producers, with brand new content coming in all the time. On our channel you’ll find outstanding and controversial journalism covering any global subject you can imagine wanting to know about.


AFTER 1994



Coligny: A murder mystery

“Brandstigting, terrorisme – Arson”

Coligny in South Africa / Suid-Afrika

Anargie – revolution


Protesting residents in Coligny, South Africa sing about killing the minority Boer population. Being a Boer/farmer in South Africa is the most dangerous profession in the world – with a133 per 100 000 being murdered rate . – May 2017


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