Malema – the blacks – killings

  Malema stated that Ramaphosa had been “captured” by wealth "white families" in the 1970's or 1980's.   Malema must do his homework - most of them are not white people.  Look at the friends of Mandela or ANC and you will find the answer, but they are not white people.    He further stated that… Continue reading Malema – the blacks – killings

Police – smile you are on candid camera with the cake

This is the notification from Police and the photo on twitter, while the people and especially the business people faced the thousands of looters around them, they enjoy the expensive party and cake, etc.  Just smile, you are all safe.   You are on candid camera. Aangenaam verras met hierdie een hoe daar fees gevier word,… Continue reading Police – smile you are on candid camera with the cake

Looting – Soweto – Ramokgopa

  The looting in Soweto is believed to be backlash from the SAPS raids for counterfeit goods in the Johannesburg CBD that started two weeks ago.   Gauteng member of the executive council (MEC) for economic development and agriculture Kgosientsho Ramokgopa made a trip to Soweto following the looting of business owned by Foreign nationals. * Looting and… Continue reading Looting – Soweto – Ramokgopa

Looting and chaos – Soweto – Xenofobia

Aggrieved community members of White City, Soweto,  said the looting of foreign nationals shops would not end until the government dealt with their gripes that include, the recent foreign nationals' attack on SA police, joblessness and making sure shop owners bank their money and pay tax. One of the foreign-owned shops that were broken into… Continue reading Looting and chaos – Soweto – Xenofobia