RSA – Terrorism – Terrorisme

There was NO mandate in 1990 to negotiate the release of any political prisoners of any terrorist organisation,   NONE whatsoever.    After that year,  we all became victims of terrorism, violence and the worse crime ever - it is still the case after 30 years.     After a meeting between the ANC and NP at… Continue reading RSA – Terrorism – Terrorisme

South Africa – Arson – Terrorisme – Brandstigting

What is the point of burning down infrastructure, schools, trucks and buildings - it won't solve any problems and it will cost us, the taxpayer, the prices of products won't come down, but will become more and more expensive.  It is not always only about labour but also things like to transport bread, clothes, furniture, … Continue reading South Africa – Arson – Terrorisme – Brandstigting

Trucks burning – businesses burning

2018 - 2019  - Myns insiens is die moedwillige terrorisme en terreur teenoor maatskappye en besighede as en wanneer trokke of treine moedwillig aan die brand gesteek word. Elke trok wat uitbrand in Suid-Afrika behoort aan iemand wat weer verbonde is aan besighede wat geraak word wat van padvervoer gebruik maak.  Die trok opsigself is… Continue reading Trucks burning – businesses burning

Anarchy in South Africa

It happened in 2012 and also in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and now again  - terrorist attacks, road blocks by communists, the burning of tyres, roads, businesses.   Blocking the N2 between Somerset West and Cape town and carry out land grabs, invasions on private properties, opposite school areas, parks and municipal lands.  During the 2012… Continue reading Anarchy in South Africa