Malema – September 2021 – land

  In a statement on 24 September 2021, they said they would like to remind South Africans that “there is no heritage without the land”.     The EFF would like to reiterate the call for the return of the stolen land through amending section 25 of the Constitution to allow for expropriation of land without… Continue reading Malema – September 2021 – land

National debt of SA 18 March 2019

Our national debt just went through the R3 trillion mark today. Each man,woman and child owes R55 276 000! Our interest we pay is now R170bn per annum. *** PLAASAANVALLE PLAASMOORDE Headed to the Netherlands - raising a cry for the beautiful white farmers of South Africa. Cruelly bludgeoned, blow torched & murdered on… Continue reading National debt of SA 18 March 2019

Eerste word Derde – First became Third

KOMMUNISTE EN LIBERALISTE Politici en ander organisasies wat rassisme spoeg op blankes, moet maar verlief neem dat Afrikaners, Boere en ander blankes wat dieselfde voel,   hier is om te bly.   Dis ons geboortegrond en sekere grond behoort vir geslagte aan ons.  Ons gaan nêrens.   Ons as volk het 100% reg tot grondgebiede wat ons sin… Continue reading Eerste word Derde – First became Third

Ramaphosa : land restitution

* HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS:   'Your time is up' - South Africa sets the date on which the country of whites will be taken. - 31 March 2019.   The Adhoc committee do have time until this date to complete its work.   South Africa has set a date when the much-criticized expropriations of land can begin after… Continue reading Ramaphosa : land restitution

Buthelezi and land expropriation

* As a citizen of South African, can  a person then ask the Zulu and other peoples to give then their (Ingonyama) trustlands or Crownlands, as well as all landclaims, thusfar registered as CPA or Trustlands to the ANC or to the next rulers - possibly the Chinese.    It will be without compensation and… Continue reading Buthelezi and land expropriation

Commonwealth – Billionaires

Interesting reading and maps of land ownerships - "Commonwealth nations".  Fifty three countries are members of the Commonwealth. Our countries span Africa, Asia, the Americas, Europe and the Pacific and are diverse – they are amongst the world’s largest, smallest, richest and poorest countries. Thirty-one of our members are classified as small states – countries… Continue reading Commonwealth – Billionaires