“Operation White Hatred” in South Africa

A heavy cloud of hopelessness and helplessness hangs over South Africa at the moment. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced such gloom among my fellow countrymen. Even the imposition of sanctions in the 1980’s and the nervousness ahead of the 1994 election are minor compared with what we are seeing today. And when I talk… Continue reading “Operation White Hatred” in South Africa


Red Revolution – EFF – ANC – DA and others

The EFF leader Julius Malema spat fire during an EFF press conference on Tuesday, 2 July 2019.   He took aim at President Cyril Ramaphosa over allegations that his 2017 presidential campaign was funded by Bosasa, his "protection" of public enterprises minister Pravin Gordhan, as well as the dismissal of Peter Moyo from Old Mutual.  Radical… Continue reading Red Revolution – EFF – ANC – DA and others

SACP and Public Protector

  The South African Communist Party ( SACP) has joined calls for a parliamentary inquiry into the Public Protector.    And with the SACP, the Democratic Alliance (DA) also wants an inquiry into Busisiwe Mkhwebane’s fitness to hold office after several scathing judgments against her reports.    The SACP was addressing a media briefing in Johannesburg after its central committee meeting.… Continue reading SACP and Public Protector

Soros and world economies

His open society foundation is part and parcel of Kodesa,  played a role in the Constitution and Parliament of South Africa, which included political parties, Black Sash and even those who worked for Open Society Foundation SA since 1993.  He (Soros) must not be underestimated. He is a powerful billionaire of enormous determination who, when… Continue reading Soros and world economies

“International Lenin School”

Die paddas in die warm pot water - #Bolshevism - #Bolsjevisme #Kommunisme - foto's is bewys - en daar is baie meer.    Remember the "frog" in hot water of Ramaphosa? *** CYRIL RAMAPHOSA SUID-AFRIKA RAMAPHOSA ON HIS MISSION Ramaphosa voorlegging: Commission ***ramap (partially declassified) • Since 1960s, estimate of 167,000 from non-communist countries travelled… Continue reading “International Lenin School”

Farm flipping in South Africa

Om persone op 'n verhoog te plaas, goeie produktiewe grond te skenk, maak nie van hulle suksesvolle sakemanne en boere nie.   'n Persoon wat van die straat afkomstig is, met geen opleiding of liefde vir 'n spesifieke taak, kan nie net oornag in 'n suksesvolle sakeman of vrou ontaard nie.  Nog minder 'n boer word. … Continue reading Farm flipping in South Africa

Self-determination – selfbeskikking

KOMMUNISME - COMMUNISM Chaos is not only in South Africa, but also various other countries.  A Solution for us to the chaos in South Africa is to get our Self-determination for the Afrikaner, Boere (all whites people, that are willing to go through and give a mandate to Front National in the elections of 2019.… Continue reading Self-determination – selfbeskikking