ongoing Revolution in South Africa

  FAILE   "RAINBOW NATION" KILLINGS - FARM MURDERS AND ATTACKS VIDEO Youtube: High Quality Download: Music: Infinite Ammo John Wick Medley Hydrogen(Ho... *** FAILED STATE   ANC minutes (June 1993) destroys the myth of a "Rainbow Nation" The document appears to be valid ... your input is welcomed. The document… Continue reading ongoing Revolution in South Africa



The two of them have a few things in common.    There are a few points - revolution - bombs - communism - power - destruction Wat het die twee in gemeen?   Kommunisme - rewolusie - bomme plant - mag - vernietiging. GENOCIDE AND COMMUNISM IN SOUTH AFRICA 2017 -   "South Africa is literally disintegrating."… Continue reading Mandela-Winni-Connection

Winnie and the Truth commission

Die finale verslag van die Waarheids en Versoeningskommissie oor Winnie Mandela. 16 Junie 1997.... In its final report, the TRC ruled that Madikizela-Mandela was “politically and morally accountable for the gross violations of human rights committed by the MUFC”.      Only after pleading from anguished TRC chairman Archbishop Desmond Tutu did she admit grudgingly that… Continue reading Winnie and the Truth commission

Malema and Winnie

She was called by her own people, the "mother of their own nation", mostly blacks in South Africa and even more blacks from Africa.   Her life and past was not a clean route.  She was never so important to  whites in South Africa, because we can only remember the revolution and attacks by the ANC… Continue reading Malema and Winnie

Guptas – Suid-Afrika – KORRUPSIE

Sal dit nie as 'n prestasie beskou dat die ANC 'n baie groot rol speel met die gebruik van hul mag binne die BRICS lande (wat Suid-Afrika insluit).  En 'n nog groter rol wat die Gupta ook in Suid-Afrika gekry het sedert hul die land ingewurm het net nadat die ANC die regering/land oorgeneem het. … Continue reading Guptas – Suid-Afrika – KORRUPSIE

Andrew Bolt: Winnie Mandela was a killer, not a hero

  BOLT: Many in South African and in the Left are mourning the death of Winnie Madikizela-Mandela. And some of those mourners are frightening. The Bolt Report is live now on Sky News Australia.  Look at the video material Andrew Bolt gee vir ons die ware Winnie Mandela op video deur: Andrew Bolt Politieke kommentator… Continue reading Andrew Bolt: Winnie Mandela was a killer, not a hero