To kill the white citizens in South Africa

The mission and end goal are to attack, torture and kill - as well as rape. The shouting and singing of them are like thunder, today it is there and tomorrow it is back again, sometimes more intense than other days and more destructure as possible. The ANC red revolution did not stop in 1994,… Continue reading To kill the white citizens in South Africa

Farms attacks – killings – January 2020

Ekonomiese sabotasie vind plaas sedert 1994, deurdat veral blanke besighede die reg ontneem word om hul besighede voort te sit.    Dis nie net moorde en aanvalle wat ook teen ons volk gemik is nie.  Om 'n ander se besittings te brand is terrorisme.   Om 'n blanke boer se toerusting te vernietig of in persoon… Continue reading Farms attacks – killings – January 2020

Statistics – attacks and killings of Afrikaners by blacks – January-May 2019

Summary of attacks and killings of Afrikaners / boers by blacks - January 2019 - May 2019. ErnstRoets Pic1-4: #SouthAfrica Summaries of #Afrikaners murdered in #urban and #rural areas by black militants from 1 Jan2019 to 31 May2019 - with maps, sources and pics of victims. * * * * *** June 2019… Continue reading Statistics – attacks and killings of Afrikaners by blacks – January-May 2019

“Kill the boer” song

When any white person will sing exactly the SAME "ANC struggled song" for black citizens during court cases or black funerals and replace the "word" Boer with "K-word" or "black" (to kill the black people), the current government will take action against those white singers as in the case of Vicky.   What happened in the… Continue reading “Kill the boer” song

Krugersdorp killers and terrorists

She told Rajivec that she was dying and would faint and throw up blood at times.   It emerged that Cecilia would drive away from her house, cut the fingertips off a rubber glove and fill them with her own blood. She would then keep these blood bubbles in her mouth until she had one of… Continue reading Krugersdorp killers and terrorists

June 2019: 5 Homeless Murdered in Pretoria

Who are the homeless people in Pretoria - not only immigrants?  Pretoria streets are full of homeless peoples.    There are many whites as well.    There are so many of our own white Afrikaner and Boers that are living and sleeping on the streets and under the trees.  Some are working in parking areas,… Continue reading June 2019: 5 Homeless Murdered in Pretoria

Jan Terburg – Farm attack Dec 2018

So gaan dit in die nuwe SA. Mense, sluit nou aan by groepe of organisasies wat opleiding bied in veiligheid. Wat na ons mense se belange en veiligheid omsien. Jou en jou familie se veiligheid is in jou hande. Niemand anders gaan na jou veiligheid omsien behalwe jyself - moenie verwagtinge koester van oorsese lande… Continue reading Jan Terburg – Farm attack Dec 2018

Attacks and Killings: whites (March 2019)

Verskeie plaasaanvalle, plaasmoorde asook in dorpe en stede, het in 2019 plaasgevind.  Hier is 'n paar tabelle en ook aanvalle/moorde op ons blanke volkslede - veral op die platteland.   Heelwat werkers is in hegtenis geneem of iemand wat die persone geken het.   Moenie persone in diens neem wat daar geen rekord van is nie.  Terroriste… Continue reading Attacks and Killings: whites (March 2019)

1-15 March 2019 – Attacks/murders/crime related

1-15 MARCH 2019 17 ATTACKS - 3 MURDERS *** "Victims" FIGHT BACK" --- Victims" FIGHT BACK!  SOUTH AFRICA Every 32 minutes, a motorist is hijacked somewhere in South Africa - that’s a horrifying 46 cars hijacked every day. Hijacking and car theft are, unfortunately, a reality which have to be factored into our daily lives. Here… Continue reading 1-15 March 2019 – Attacks/murders/crime related

Wepener aanval 10 Maart 2019

  Ons harte gaan uit na die jong man, die hoeveelste blanke aanvalle in die maand - ons wens die jongman sterkte toe en algemene herstel, gebede gaan op vir die familie.   En die twee van hulle is lafhartig om een jong seun so te vermink. The son of Riaan Wilken's sister was attacked and… Continue reading Wepener aanval 10 Maart 2019

Attacks/Killings Statistics January 2019

More hideous than crime is repressive justice Repressive justice /political repression / political discrimination persecution of individual / group for political reasons particularly for purpose of restricting or preventing their ability to take part in political life of society Ons in Suid-Afrika, Afrikaners en Boere, alle blankes wat dieselfde voel en  teen wie daar gediskrimineer… Continue reading Attacks/Killings Statistics January 2019