State-owned land – 25 years later

  Who are the real owners of state-owned land?   If it is state owned land, why do the government keep the land in their own hands and create this hate agenda against whites to reform?   What funding was paid (TAX) for that farmlands?  If tax was used,  the owners of all those farmland are the… Continue reading State-owned land – 25 years later

Land in South Africa – Land reform

  Already, 37 farmers have sought interdicts after a pamphlet was circulated about possible land invasions by the Black First Land First Movement and several interdicts were sought by private property owners against possible land invasions, as well as by the City against land invaders in Khayelitsha. This as newly sworn-in President Cyril Ramaphosa said… Continue reading Land in South Africa – Land reform

Alan Winde – Wes-Kaap

The Democratic Alliance selected Winde in September 2018 to be the party's Western Cape Premier candidate. In October 2018, Premier Helen Zille appointed Winde to the post of Provincial Minister of Community Safety. He took office on 1 November 2018.  In May 2009, Premier Helen Zille appointed Winde to the position of Provincial Minister of Finance, Economic… Continue reading Alan Winde – Wes-Kaap

Alan Winde – WK –

Al is jy wie van watter provinsie, voer jy steeds nasionale wetgewing uit - geen nasionale wetgewing op provinsiale vlak of selfs munisipale vlakke se bywete kan gesystap word nie.   Die Nasionale regering se wetgewings oor swart bemagtiging en onteiening, is ook van toepassing op plaaslike owerhede en provinsies.   Lees beleidsdokumente hieroor op provinsies self. … Continue reading Alan Winde – WK –

Land grabs a daily reality

Grondbesettings 'n daaglikse realiteit Die leuens gaan die parlement en die ANC en ander politieke partye wat hieraan deelneem nog baie berou.   Beide maak beloftes en kom nie behuising beloftes na nie.  Maak toe die grense, dan sal daar beter behuising en kontrole plaasvind, maar dit gebeur nie.  Wie hou toesig oor die grense -… Continue reading Land grabs a daily reality

National debt of SA 18 March 2019

Our national debt just went through the R3 trillion mark today. Each man,woman and child owes R55 276 000! Our interest we pay is now R170bn per annum. *** PLAASAANVALLE PLAASMOORDE Headed to the Netherlands - raising a cry for the beautiful white farmers of South Africa. Cruelly bludgeoned, blow torched & murdered on… Continue reading National debt of SA 18 March 2019

Onteiening-reform – 30 farms Nothern Cape

'n Lys wat saamgestel is deur die ANC en hul onteieningsplanne. A TOTAL of 30 farms in the Northern Cape, including several large commercial farms, have been identified by the provincial ANC for possible expropriation without compensation once the parliamentary processes have been finalised. Grond eienaars: ANC regeringsplase Land reform / Grondhervorming Restitution of land… Continue reading Onteiening-reform – 30 farms Nothern Cape