ANC, MK, Zuma and their struggle

ANC Stalwarts and Veterans wrote on 9 October 2017 about its formal disbandment and the formation of the South African National Defence Force, Umkhonto we Sizwe’s principles of self-sacrifice and service to the country have been undermined by a small minority of ex-members, who regularly denigrate everything for which our comrades fought. They have recruited and trained individuals who have… Continue reading ANC, MK, Zuma and their struggle

Judiciary and the East German model

  April 2012  -  Jeff Radebe, the judiciary and the East German model.    Judicial reforms an attempt at hollowing out the constitutional state.   There are indications that the judicial reforms envisaged by the Zuma presidency might in fact attempt to hollow out the constitutional state in that its foundational pillars are slowly replaced with building bricks… Continue reading Judiciary and the East German model

SACP and Public Protector

  The South African Communist Party ( SACP) has joined calls for a parliamentary inquiry into the Public Protector.    And with the SACP, the Democratic Alliance (DA) also wants an inquiry into Busisiwe Mkhwebane’s fitness to hold office after several scathing judgments against her reports.    The SACP was addressing a media briefing in Johannesburg after its central committee meeting.… Continue reading SACP and Public Protector

Communism – Kommunisme in SA

Kommunisme het soos 'n tsunami gegroei oor Afrika en met die hulp van liberalisme en blankes is dit grotendeels bevorder in die boesem in sommige Suid-Afrikaners wat dit gekoester het tot algehele oorgawe.   Daar was heelwat buitelandse lande wat finansiering geskenk het, terwyl ander finansiering gegee het, met die oog op wapens om te veg… Continue reading Communism – Kommunisme in SA

Kommunistiese konneksies ANC

  'n Artikel van Front Nasionaal in 2017 geskryf deur Adv Jurg Prinsloo oor die ANC en betrokkenheid van sabotasie in die vroeë 60 jare rakende wat ook Umkhonto we Sizwe, kommuniste Nelson Mandela en Bram Fischer insluit. In 1964 Bram Fischer led the defence of Nelson Mandela in the Rivonia Trial. In 1966 Fischer… Continue reading Kommunistiese konneksies ANC

Mandela – terreur- terrorism

  The point to the fact that Mandela was not imprisoned for opposing the so-called apartheid, or segregation, in Africa, but for being a communist terrorist murderer-bomber in service to the Soviet Union (or those others behind it) - He was also trained in Russia but also Mossad.   "Apartheid" - segregation, is there since 1840… Continue reading Mandela – terreur- terrorism

Communist Constitution

Quote STRASBOURG, FRANCE (Reuters) - South African President Cyril Ramaphosa told the European Parliament on Wednesday that South Africa will enact land reforms in adherence to the country's constitution and with respect for the human rights of all its people.  "This problem of land will be resolved through adherence to the rule of law and adherence… Continue reading Communist Constitution

South Africa: Traditional leaders

Mandela and De Klerk received their "peace" prize during 1993 to "dismantle the so-called apartheid" (segregation) and to do away with "homelands" etc.  BUT what are the real facts about segregation in South Africa and what price do we, as tax payers still pay for that fake "peace prize" of De Klerk and Mandela?   Question: … Continue reading South Africa: Traditional leaders

Grond – Land (SA)

Die Grondkwessie in SA (hervorming) sluit nie korrupsie uit nie - daar is heelwat.  Alhoewel "aanklagtes" deur regering (ANC-DA-EFF) en selfs ander politieke partye, dat blankes die meerderheid grond besit, verdoemend is en algemeen voorkom, is dit totaal en al vals.   Daar is selfs onderstrominge binne ANC geledere hieroor soos deur vorige president Mbeki aangedui… Continue reading Grond – Land (SA)

Suid-Afrika Parlement /South Africa Parliament

There are various groups of political parties and also sponsors involved in this building.  More sponsors than you can think, involved in this small country with so much minerals to take away.    The main building and the website will tell their own story of what it is about and who the government received money… Continue reading Suid-Afrika Parlement /South Africa Parliament

INGRID CARLQVIST Swede en Suid-Afrika

Kliek op die skakel hieronder en luister na Ingrid Carlqvist at The Boer Project conference in Pretoria 30/8 Sweedse joernalis 2018 Tydens Ingrid se toespraak het sy namens haar regering verskoning gevra vir die Boere en Afrikaners en dat sy gedink het ons is sulke wreedaarts en kolonialiste. Tydens haar toespraak het sy haar openlik… Continue reading INGRID CARLQVIST Swede en Suid-Afrika