Dakar-Kodesa 1982-1986-1994

What happened in Dakar and Kodesa.  Dakar discussions were outside the country, one another country was also used is Zambia and London.  We all know that liberal whites are together with the ANC and their communist believes, helping with B-BBEE discrimination and racism legislations as well.  Furthermore, it is common knowledge for some of us… Continue reading Dakar-Kodesa 1982-1986-1994


Communism – Bolshevism – Revolution

COMMUNISM:  BOLSHEVISM:   REVOLUTION - Ongoing violence and destruction Since 1994, people and specific the outside world,  think there are no segregation in South Africa.   Mandela and De Klerk created this idea of a "super rainbow nation".   There is no rainbow nation here - it is a FALSE FLAG created by the communists and ended up… Continue reading Communism – Bolshevism – Revolution

Anargie – revolution

Dis die radikale rewolusie van die ANC - niemand anders sin nie.  ANC is 'n "liberal movement - terrorism".   Word al voor 1994 deur George Soros gefinansier saam met 'n paar ander kommuniste aan sy sy.   Alles moet afgebrand word volgens die mafias en terroriste wat die vegters is van die ANC rewolusie.   Hulle wil… Continue reading Anargie – revolution

Suid-Afrika Parlement /South Africa Parliament

There are various groups of political parties and also sponsors involved in this building.  More sponsors than you can think, involved in this small country with so much minerals to take away.    The main building and the website will tell their own story of what it is about and who the government received money… Continue reading Suid-Afrika Parlement /South Africa Parliament