Self-determination – Katalonia

Is this only a "spell", to stop people, where people like in Katalonia want their freedom, they are not allowed to demonstrate, then the police are there and just take their leaders in.   They do not want Katalonia to have their freedom.  If you look at their history, they were a separate country on its… Continue reading Self-determination – Katalonia

Schools disappeared within 3 weeks – two months: Eastern Cape

More than R60 million damages and lost.    Masangwana Primary school in New Brighton.    Remains of the Gqebera High schools   The school just disappeared, in a matter of weeks - looted to its foundation.  First they took the doors, frames and windows, then the bricks by bricks.  The school opened in 1995 for 1200… Continue reading Schools disappeared within 3 weeks – two months: Eastern Cape

Equality and Dignity – violation of human rights: Afrikaners and Boers (all whites)

It's been for several decades that the South African government (ANC and their other cadres in parliament) think the white people have no human rights or economic freedom.   Their leaders and even supporters don't see us as citizens in the country but as "settlars".   The government, the ANC and most other political parties, use their… Continue reading Equality and Dignity – violation of human rights: Afrikaners and Boers (all whites)

Kosovo Indepence – Self-determination

A decade on, more than 110 countries recognize Kosovo’s independence — but Serbia, the country from which it was carved, and many of the 120,000 members of Kosovo’s Serb minority refuse to do so.   And though it may be a political territory recognized by most of the world’s powers, Kosovo isn’t a UN member. (Though… Continue reading Kosovo Indepence – Self-determination

Kerch Bridge – Crimea

The European Union has commented on the partial opening of the Kerch Strait bridge in Russian-occupied Crimea, saying this constitutes another violation of Ukraine's sovereignty. "The Russian Federation has constructed the Kerch Bridge to the Crimean Peninsula without Ukraine's consent. This constitutes another violation of Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity by Russia," the spokesperson for the… Continue reading Kerch Bridge – Crimea

Crimea – self-determination (Putin)

2015 Russian President Vladimir Putin has revealed that he began to plan the annexation of Crimea in a secret meeting with security services the day Ukraine's pro-Moscow president fled Kiev — and weeks before the peninsula held a self-determination referendum.    The revelation came in a trailer for the documentary Homeward Bound, by state television channel Rossiya 1, which also shows Putin discussing how… Continue reading Crimea – self-determination (Putin)

Ooreenkomste – Agreements

  Die kommunistiese grondwet (wat onder die vals vaandel van "demokrasie" leef)  in Suid-Afrika laat enigiets toe as en wanneer dit hul pas.  Dis ook so geskryf - meestal is dit liberale blankes wat nie deel van ons volk is nie en ook hulle wat dit steun.  Die grondwet laat toe dat ons volk se… Continue reading Ooreenkomste – Agreements

Violations – Menseregteskendings – Akkoord/Accord of 1994

The SA Constitution was certified in 1996, which stated by Constitutional judges that self-determination  is an international right for each people to rule themselves in terms of international laws:    very important to note and: REMEMBER, THE AFRIKANER ACCORD WAS ALREADY  SIGNED IN 1994.    We as people (volk) do have a right to rule ourselves… Continue reading Violations – Menseregteskendings – Akkoord/Accord of 1994

Front Nasionaal: Bloed wat roep (video)

Dis hoe dit werk - met Toyota - nog 'n roepstem vir Selfbeskikking - laat die wiele rol. GENOEG IS GENOEG  -   ENOUGH IS ENOUGH Ons moet elkeen onsself afvra - hoe ver is genoeg gehad van moorde, aanvalle, verkragtings, korrupsie, swart bemagtiging - GENOEG IS GENOEG luister na die video *** BLOED WAT ROEP… Continue reading Front Nasionaal: Bloed wat roep (video)

Front Nasionaal in Bloemfontein

'n Baie spesiale geleentheid met spesiale mense het op 23 April 2019 in die hartjie van die land, Bloemfontein plaasgevind,  wat geskitter het met 'n paar bekendes se teenwoordigheid.    Behalwe vir oom Charl Hertzog was daar ook Dr Jan du Plessis, Ds Johan Jacobs, Mnr Charl Hertzog, Adv Jurg Prinsloo SC (foto).   'n  Volwaardige soewereine… Continue reading Front Nasionaal in Bloemfontein