Is Eskom honest? who is?

Eskom is not honest - and who is doing the audits of all plants and where are all the audit reports to the Minister of Finance? * it was also revealed that the payment rates for electricity in the sprawling Johannesburg suburb were just over 16% – or lower than that for e-tolls payments, where… Continue reading Is Eskom honest? who is?

Looting – Soweto – Ramokgopa

  The looting in Soweto is believed to be backlash from the SAPS raids for counterfeit goods in the Johannesburg CBD that started two weeks ago.   Gauteng member of the executive council (MEC) for economic development and agriculture Kgosientsho Ramokgopa made a trip to Soweto following the looting of business owned by Foreign nationals. * Looting and… Continue reading Looting – Soweto – Ramokgopa

Johannesburg – Man-Made Urban Forest in the World

How green is the valley and sometimes with flowers.   This is the City of Gold - Egoli - Mining and millons of people, but to make you environment part of you - a place and space to live.   Here are also millions of immigrants.  It is also not a safe place to live - crime… Continue reading Johannesburg – Man-Made Urban Forest in the World

Eskom – Soweto – onwettige elektrisiteit

Onwettige konneksies van elektrisiteit is regdeur die land te sien, maar veral in die informele sektor.   Persone weet hoe om te konnekteer maar dis onveilig en dit kos elkeen van ons om dit wat gesteel word, weer te vervang met nog meer om te steel.   Inderwaarheid is hulle niks anders as kriminele en misdadigers nie,… Continue reading Eskom – Soweto – onwettige elektrisiteit

Eskom : Ramaphosa – Motsepe – gas

Indien dit gaan gebeur, gaan elektrisiteit nog meer gemanipuleer word as wat tans die geval is.  Is net 'n kwessie van tyd - en dit kom voor of dit voor die verkiesing of dalk net na die verkiesing sal plaasvind, as daar reeds "gestem" is.   Dit maak net nie sin om Eskom op te breek… Continue reading Eskom : Ramaphosa – Motsepe – gas

Eskom – Soweto (outstanding)

Those Soweto residents must be plunged into darkness until they pay like the rest of us.  Eskom needs to switch off electricity in Soweto and all those use it for free and do not pay, until they start a society to pay their bills.  Most townships. In Atteridgeville people signed "poorest of poor" forms in… Continue reading Eskom – Soweto (outstanding)