Commonwealth and suppression by British Colonialism

* All peoples have an international right to govern themselves, independently in their own country, on land that historically belongs to them. The entire African continent, Americas and European countries received a lot of sympathy in the past where minority peoples were oppressed by majorities and discriminated against.  In 2011 South Sudan received after years… Continue reading Commonwealth and suppression by British Colonialism

Battles of Verdun, Somme, Arras and Hindenburg Line

The Battle of Verdun, 21 February to 15 December 1916, became the longest battle in modern history. It was originally planned by the German Chief of General Staff, Erich von Falkenhayn to secure victory for Germany on the Western Front. The aim was to crush the French army before the Allies grew in strength through… Continue reading Battles of Verdun, Somme, Arras and Hindenburg Line

Commonwealth – Kamsyn – Bill Gates KBE

  KAMSYN is a Corporate Partner 2018 of the Commonwealth Enterprise & Investment Council (Secretariat based at Marlborough House, Westminster and Guildhall, City of London). Around KAMSYN gravitates an International Network of Professionals sharing the same passion for Communications & PR in the Digital Age.       * 2018   KAMSYN attended the Business Forum as Corporate Partner of the organizing  Commonwealth… Continue reading Commonwealth – Kamsyn – Bill Gates KBE

Microsoft and Commonwealth Bank

On 4 February 2020 it was stated that Microsoft is playing a pivotal role as technology partner for Commonwealth Bank’s newly minted X15 Ventures which has been established to help the bank stay at the leading edge of Australia’s financial services sector.   Over the next five years CBA plans to work with 25 start ups… Continue reading Microsoft and Commonwealth Bank

CBA’s start-up venture X15 partners with KPMG and Microsoft

    Commonwealth Bank (CBA), one of Australia’s major banks, is looking to tap into the burgeoning financial technology (FinTech) market across the country through the launch of a FinTech startup incubator X15 Ventures. Growth and technical expertise for the new venture is being sourced from KPMG and Microsoft. * X15 Ventures is an ambitious… Continue reading CBA’s start-up venture X15 partners with KPMG and Microsoft

Empire Parliamentary Association (1911) changed to Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (1948)

  The CPA was founded as the Empire Parliamentary Association in 1911, with its first branches being Australia, Canada, Newfoundland, New Zealand, South Africa and the United Kingdom, the latter branch administering the Association as a whole.    In 1948 the Association changed its name to the current Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, and invited all branches to participate in the organisation's administration. Photo:  CPA conference, Isle… Continue reading Empire Parliamentary Association (1911) changed to Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (1948)

Government CPA – Commonwealth

The organisation administers the Commonwealth Women Parliamentarians (CWP), a network across the Commonwealth which promotes greater representation for women in Parliament, the CPA Small Branches network, representing parliaments and legislatures with populations below 500,000 people, and the Commonwealth Youth Parliament, an annual gathering of young people hosted by a Commonwealth Parliament. CPA UK (Commonwealth Parliamentary Association)… Continue reading Government CPA – Commonwealth

Commonwealth – CPA Charter

  The Charter brings together the values and aspirations which unite the Commonwealth - democracy, human rights and the rule of law - in a single, accessible document.   The Charter expresses the commitment of member states to the development of free and democratic societies and the promotion of peace and prosperity to improve the lives… Continue reading Commonwealth – CPA Charter

British rules, Commonwealth, Trustlands

Not so long ago - Cyril Ramaphosa paid  a courtesy call on Her Majesty the Queen at the Windsor Castle during a working visit to London to attend the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM 2018) taking place on 19-20 April 2018.   This is the place of "gold".   Where did they get the gold?   Pictures… Continue reading British rules, Commonwealth, Trustlands

“Who owns the world”?

Britse Statebond - Commonwealth The Queen, the family of the actress Nicole Kidman, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia and the media tyco ......Here is an article Who owns the world? It says on it: The world's primary feudal landowner is Queen Elizabeth II. She is Queen of 32 countries, head of a Commonwealth of 54 countries in which… Continue reading “Who owns the world”?

Statebond – Commonwealth

INTERESSANTHEDE OOR DIE "BRITSE HEERSERS" Let gerus op ooreenkomste tussen Britse koloniale bestuur in Afrika met die van Ierland, wanneer die "HOME RULES" ook op die Ierse volk van toepassing gemaak is en bloedige gevegte daaruit voortgespruit het.    Alle "bestuursake" word onder die dekmantels van wetgewings gedoen sodat dit vir almal moet lyk of… Continue reading Statebond – Commonwealth