Commonwealth and suppression by British Colonialism


All peoples have an international right to govern themselves, independently in their own country, on land that historically belongs to them. The entire African continent, Americas and European countries received a lot of sympathy in the past where minority peoples were oppressed by majorities and discriminated against.  In 2011 South Sudan received after years their own independence.  Governments, organisations or political parties do not decide on behalf of peoples to get their freedom or to rule themselves.  They are all multi-cultural and do have no mandate to give us our freedom.    There are international requirements to follow.

The Commonwealth - The British Monarchy


Sometimes it’s black on black and sometimes it’s white on black or other culture discriminations, especially liberals who encourage so-called democratic systems to rule them all by ‘laws’.  As in South Africa today there are several minority peoples, the Boers and conservative whites that the majorities of blacks discriminate against. The conservative Boer people had two independent countries when the British empire and their colonial friends came to southern Africa and annexed their territories, as well as mineral rights.

The British empire, due to various tribal battles, started the separate territories and legislation under Lords Rhodes in the Cape Colony (1894) and Shepstone in Natal (1854) and later forced all the peoples into the Union of South Africa which was once again ruled from London by the British Empire. More than 35,000 Boer women, children and men died during the hell concentration camps, without food and lack of medical care.

The minerals were annexed during 1902 to get the gold, diamonds and other minerals. This was the reason, 50-60 years later, why Dr Verwoerd left the Commonwealth in 1960-61 and not to be part of them.

The ANC rejoined the Commonwealth on 1 June 1994, without a mandate while there was a mandate in 1960 to leave it. After South Africa was handed over to the ANC as a so-called democracy and to rule.   Everything turned into chaos, the revolution from 1960 was still as bad and today there is more crime and murder than ever.  Government officials blamed each other for state captures and state entities. And all the peoples and nations overseas, blame the white Boers for Apartheid when this is not the case.


Shepstone Natal, roots of segregation

Apartheid – 1854

Jan Smuts –  Churchill  – Rhodes  – apartheid : British rules





Black and Khoisan peoples in southern Africa

Black peoples,  had most of the time since the Mfecane wars, exclusive 10 kingdoms (12 with Lesotho and Swaziland – eSwatini) (chiefdoms), with their own government structures that was excluded by the British from the Union of South Africa with the Union of SA Act, 1909 today still protected by s143(1)(b), 211-2, 219(1)(a) and 235 of the Constitution, 1996.   After 1961 elections the Reserves since 1854, turned into homelands (with official elections).


After 1994


Even today, 2022 there are more than 8840 traditional black and khoisan leaders, while white peoples are excluded from the economy of the country.

Traditional leaders South Africa: 8840



Racism and Discrimination

Racism and Discrimination South Africa


Previously Under British colonialism video

How much of the minerals are today in London, England, while millions of our people did not have a house to stay in or a work or food on their tables.  In South Africa today, there are black ‘democratic communist’ majority rule, but they all discriminate against the tiny white minority group of people and mostly from the two independent Boer republics.  Why must the ANC and blacks rule the minorities in South Africa.  Most countries supported the ANC’s rule of suppression.


A very good interview and also about the Commonwealth:

ABOUT:  Dismantle the Commonwealth: Queen Elizabeth’s Death Prompts Reckoning with Colonial Past in Africa

Afrikaans onderrig (education)

Afrikaans  – Jonathan Jansen – diskriminasie

Jonathan Jansen  – Afrikaans


Moorde en aanvalle op Blankes in SA

Verskroeide aarde – Scorched earth

Concentration camps by the British empire

ABW concentration camps  Rudie Rousseau ea

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