Self-determination – Afrikaner/Boer – ANC-Mandela letter (1993)

What happened after the 1994 elections?    Refer to the "1993 Mandela and executive letter" dated 1993.       The ANC, the executives  and NP supported the full investigation of self-determination and volkstaat of Afrikaner and Boere (whites).  That is our only solution today to get our freedom back.  We do not interfere with their traditional leaders… Continue reading Self-determination – Afrikaner/Boer – ANC-Mandela letter (1993)


Selfbeskikking en Volkstaat (Akkoord)

(Akkoord - Accord) - Right to Self-determination - Independence of people Beide Selfbeskikking en Volkstaat was in 1994 vermeld in die Akkoord wat onderteken is. Hierdie Akkoord was amptelik onderteken ter erkenning deur die ANC en ook die ou NP.    Wie dit nou nog nie weet nie, moet gerus huiswerk gaan doen hieromtrent.  Daar… Continue reading Selfbeskikking en Volkstaat (Akkoord)

Selfbeskikking – Self-determination

Ondertekening en erkenning:   Akkoord 1994.  ANC het dit in 1994 mede-onderteken.   Ons as volk,  Afrikaner en Boere (blankes) het 'n internasionale reg om oor onsself te regeer  op alle vlakke van regering.  Internasionale reg bepalings is duidelik -  Die regerende party, tans die ANC of enige party soos DA of EFF en veral multi-kultuur partye… Continue reading Selfbeskikking – Self-determination

DA and its coalitions/ koalisies

During the 2016 municipal elections, the Democratic Alliance says it has entered into coalition agreements with a number of smaller opposition parties.      “The DA today announces that we have entered into arrangements to bring together a broad coalition of the Congress of the People (COPE), African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP), Freedom Front+ (FF+) and… Continue reading DA and its coalitions/ koalisies

African countries – Afrika lande

Africa is a continent Land Area:     11,670,000 (mi²) / 28,489,869 (km²) Population:    1,119,307,147 (2016) Countries:   54 Currently, there are between 47 and 55 countries on the continent of Africa. The most accurate count of countries for the continent of Africa is 54. This includes all internationally recognized territories and states on the continent. Countries in… Continue reading African countries – Afrika lande

Karl Marx – Irish self-determination

Writing when all of Ireland was under British rule, Karl Marx underlined that the fight for Irish independence could deal a heavy blow to the British capitalist order. Based on the understanding that the Irish struggle could act as a motor force to unlocking proletarian struggle in England, Marx stressed that the English proletariat must… Continue reading Karl Marx – Irish self-determination


100 YEARS AGO ON THIS DAY 🇮🇪️💚🇮🇪️ 21 JANUARY 2019 - A DAY TO REMEMBER IRELAND is DECLARED A REPUBLIC 1919 newspaper Irish War of Independence begins - Fascinating Documentary about the Irish War of Independence *** British rules - the Irish The Best Documentary Ever - 1916 Easter Rising: Insurrection *** On 21… Continue reading IRELAND – 100 YEARS BACK