Gear and Neo Liberalism

  Trevor Manuel is not alone, he carries the frustration of the entire system of capitalist including liberals and other anti-communists, and hence he becomes the New Pope of the 1996 class project. As history marches forward it renders null and void that which is not consistent with reality and the interests of the majority,… Continue reading Gear and Neo Liberalism

“International Lenin School”

Die paddas in die warm pot water - #Bolshevism - #Bolsjevisme #Kommunisme - foto's is bewys - en daar is baie meer.    Remember the "frog" in hot water of Ramaphosa? *** CYRIL RAMAPHOSA SUID-AFRIKA RAMAPHOSA ON HIS MISSION Ramaphosa voorlegging: Commission ***ramap (partially declassified) • Since 1960s, estimate of 167,000 from non-communist countries travelled… Continue reading “International Lenin School”