ANC failed – no democracy

Daar word al vir langer as ‘n kwart eeu nie net korrupsie gepleeg nie, die een skandaal volg die ander skandaal op terwyl misdaad alles en almal oorheers.   Tot die Polisie hou hul net dop en monitor alles, maar misdadigers het vrye teuels in Suid-Afrika.   Korrupsie kan niemand 100% bereken nie.    Dis asof die kaders weddenskappe of russiese roulette speel om te kyk wie kan die meeste geld neem en daarmee wegkom.   

President Cyril Ramaphosa appears on behalf of the ANC at the Zondo Commission.


Terwyl die ANC aan bewind is, sal dit altyd gebeur dat hul hulself sal bevoordeel, of net die bevoorregtes (swart bemagtigers).    In terme van hul sogenaamde demokratiese grondwet, wat die liberaal verligte blankes help skep het, stel die presidente hul eie regsbank en ministers aan.   Dus, sal hul mekaar beskerm.

Die ANC is tog so lief om soms op meer as een en op vreemde westerse stoele sit in parlement en in raadsale,  om blankes, ou Jan, apartheid of kolonialisme die skuld te gee omdat hul nie slaag nie.  Ramaphosa sal nes sy voorgangers, nie slaag in alles behalwe korrupsie en erge misdaad toelaat nie.  Duidelik kry hy ook die opdragte van die wat hulle beheer.   Wie beheer Ramaphosa?


Apartheid came from British rules, not from any of us or Dr Verwoerd.

Apartheid was created by British rules and black chiefs after Mfecane.

Apartheid – 1854

Jan Smuts – Churchill – Rhodes – apartheid : British rules


Die ANC liberale beweging het alles op ‘n goue skinkbord gekry, wat in 27 totaal en al verwoes is.


There is no liberation movement on the African continent which won power in a country as industrialised and economically and technologically advanced as South Africa was in 1994.   We were the wealthiest and most powerful country in Africa and blessed with a storehouse of strategic minerals which was the envy of the world.

Most of the time the ANC, SACP and liberal whites lied about the so-called apartheid system that was responsible for the chaos and there was no work during that time.  Blatant lies.   Most of the previous homelands have their own official voting system, to vote their own leaders.    To say that blacks did not have a chance to vote, is all lies.    The previous government also created with other private businesses border industries on most of the homelands.



Chaos and a failed state – compliments from the ANC and their kaders.   

Africa report July 2020.   

Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma 

Municipalities are the heart of SA’s corruption. It flows unimpeded under Dlamini-Zuma – down to level -zero.  She has brought the tobacco, liquor and tourism industries to their knees in just one year.    Tens if not hundreds of thousands of jobs have been lost and what has SASSA paid to them?

Supporters (or immigrants) are living like this in their townships, while the leaders have nice houses and salaries, with security guards.


Who must pay the immigrants?   give them houses, medical attention, schools for their children, sassa, food, etc. and who is responsible for our uncontrolled borders?

Immigrants and Illegals – Worldbank report


INFORMAL SETTLEMENTS  (most are black and called informal settlements on internet-google)

South Africa government blamed as millions live in shacks South Africa is one of the largest industrial economies in Africa, but up to 10 million people live in shacks in informal settlements. Some residents say been waiting decades for government housing programmes to help them. 


Tin shacks  (mostly blacks and coloureds)


Instead, today poverty is as gruelling as it was under apartheid, unemployment is at its highest in many years and social inequalities are far worse than they were under apartheid, due to the fact that such inequalities have grown much more within the black population than between it and the white population.

Lies about housing – more than 3 million houses (RDP) were already build.

A woman standing outside her shack in Nkaneng township in Marikana. Picture: Bhekikhaya Mabaso/African News Agency (ANA)


A third of Cape Towns 3.7 million people now live in slums, or “informal settlements”, with limited access to basic services, such as water, electricity and toilets. Shack fires are frequent – and deadly – as residents rely on candle light and firelight. At night, a bucket under a bed is the only toilet, as fear of deadly crime prevents people walking a distance to a toilet.


The Community Developement MMC, Margaret Arnolds, says this is a tricky situation. Residents of the informal settlement people lived on what was a railway line and he suspects the vast majority are undocumented migrants.    Most of those people came from other countries to make a better living but expect everything for free, houses, schools, hospitals, municipal services, etc.

How many of those are immigrants and illegals?   

Residents of Booysens informal settlement in Eloff Street, Johannesburg, protested over food parcels on 28 April 2020, claiming they had not received food parcels since the lockdown began.



White squatter camps (google)

White squatter camps or informal settlements in South Africa and images of impoverished white people are returned. 

An informal settlement community in Kraaifontein near Cape Town is living in uncertainty. This after a court granted the owners an eviction order two years ago. About 70 families are living on the privately owned land, known as Klein Akker. The community claims that the City of Cape Town has not provided adequate temporary emergency housing, as ordered by the court.

There are a number of families, predominantly white and coloured, that live in this Kraaifontein farm informal settlement. Their needs are often neglected, and they can tend to feel forgotten. In addition to helping them with foodstuffs throughout the year, for Easter we wanted to remind them that God does care, and loves them greatly.

Klein Akker Easter Project


No food for whites and why is it “white”? (during the ‘virus pandemic’).

Who are the racists in South Africa?
Who rule the country and made the B-BBEE legislations?

The South African government made it clear that government aid in the pandemic will for all intents and purposes be limited to Black South Africans.




South Africa – whites living in poverty

White poverty and white townships in South Africa. Political reforms like Black Economic Empowerment is pushing the white minority into poverty.



Is this also the fault of so-called “apartheid”?

State capture –  Ramaphosa

Cyril Ramaphosa –  Shanduka

B-BBEE – Shanduka black umbrellas

Parliament – Salaries 2020  the elites

Top Salaries and benefits – South Africa (expenditures)


South African debt stands at US$230 billion, which just increased because of the US$4.3 billion loan from the IMF for budget support. Debt as a percentage to GDP stands at 77% and is projected to reach 85% in 2021. However, the debts of SOEs including Eskom and SAA are not counted, even though these debts are guaranteed by the government. So the debt situation in South Africa is much worse than the published figures.

The government holds significant land which could be made available for redistribution before venturing into land seizure without compensation. According to the 2013 Land Audit, state land in South Africa amounts to 17 million hectares, spread across the country’s provinces. It is a no brainer to distribute this before tackling the more complex privately-owned land. 

More than 5000 productive farms were bought since 1994 by the ANC government and nothing happened to them.

South Africa under the African National Congress (ANC) is a de facto one-party state where the ruling party wins power despite its failure to improve lives, especially those of black South Africans.    The Guptas are the owners of a portfolio of companies that enjoyed lucrative contracts with ANC government departments and state-owned conglomerates. The Guptas also employed several Zuma family members in senior positions, including Jacob Zuma’s son. According to testimony heard at the inquiry, public officials responsible for various state bodies were directly instructed by the Guptas to take decisions that advanced the business interests of the brothers.

State capture  – Zondo commission  – Molefe –  Gigaga  – Guptas
Zondo  -Guptas – Duduzane Zuma

Electricity utility state company Eskom has been a disaster, plagued by mismanagement and corruption.  Eskom’s debt is a black hole to the tune of about US$31.4 billion.   In December 2019, Eskom had to implement scheduled blackouts help prevent total collapse of an overstretched power grid. Similar measures were also put in place in 2018, 2015 and as far back as 2008.

Eskom is not alone in total dependency on government bailouts. Other vital state-owned enterprises (SEOs) are dysfunctional and remain afloat only due to perpetual government bailouts. The national airline, South African Airways (SAA), the post office and the arms manufacturer Denel are a few examples.



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