ANC and Communism in South Africa

MANDELA - A N C is a liberal MOVEMENT - SACP (communism party is part of the ANC.    Black Communists work within their own parties.   Congres Alliance. * MANDELA The SACP was somewhat more effusive, declaring in a December 5 statement: “At his arrest in August 1962, Nelson Mandela was not only a member… Continue reading ANC and Communism in South Africa


  What is the South African Democracy Education Trust -  (SADET) - an organisation funded by several businesses in the past as well as today.Neem kennis hoeveel  "opleiding" in ons skole gehad het.  Heelwat skole is voor 1994 ook afgebrand.  As hulle wat ons so vandag stenig en vals beskuldig,  so slim is dat daar… Continue reading SADET