Multi-culture failed in South Africa

  Various "leaders" are looking for the "rainbow" in South Africa - because there is no rainbow nation in South Africa.   We are all different peoples, each with their own history, culture, traditions, language, ethnic groupsings and identity.  Respect that. Mandela’s rainbow nation has gone from hero to zero. Can it reclaim his legacy?  -… Continue reading Multi-culture failed in South Africa


DA – B-BBEE – land reform – grants

"know your DA" veldtog - swart bemagtiging The DA is completely committed to B-BBEE - Mmusi Maimane AND also said by Helen Zille - and NO TO ZILLE - the best land was not RESERVED for the whites only - it was indeed most of the "old Homelands" today they call that Trustlands - ask… Continue reading DA – B-BBEE – land reform – grants

Parlement Suid-Afrika

Hoe duur betaal ons regtig vir die sages in dit wat sommige mense 'n parlement noem? Hul lyftaal spreek boekdele.   Verskillende politieke partye laat mens regtig wonder hieroor - dis net in "naam" om "gevegte" uit te lok?      SALARIES OF MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT In 2016 (and 2017), the salary for ministers was at R2.31… Continue reading Parlement Suid-Afrika