“the Kingmaker” – SA State capture

On 29 January 2021 it was stated in an article of the Daily Maverick that the Chief Directorate Special Operations (CDSO) within the State Security Agency (SSA) spent R1-billion to protect former president Jacob Zuma and his close associates between 2012 and 2018.  The Commission of Inquiry into State Capture heard that a portion of… Continue reading “the Kingmaker” – SA State capture

Arms deals – Fana Hlongwane

  Dis nie nabetragting nie, maar volg liefs die geldspoor van swart bemagtiging sedert instelling deur die ANC en hul grondwet (saam liberaal verligte blankes) saam  tenders wat toegeken word aan sekere "hooggeplaastes of bekendes" in die ANC of ander welbekendes, al sedert 1994.  Die wapenskandaal is nie 'n nuwe sage nie en ook nie… Continue reading Arms deals – Fana Hlongwane

Zondo – Guptas – Duduzane Zuma

Enige persoon mag maar drome opstel, koester, verf en uitdeel aan diegene wat dit glo.   En van die ANC takke sal hom ook natuurlik steun nes hulle met die ander "leiers" vir etlike jare doen.  Natuurlik is daar 'n paar ANC voorskrifte wat hy sal voortbou om waar te maak sodat hy nommer een kan… Continue reading Zondo – Guptas – Duduzane Zuma

State capture – Zondo commission – Molefe – Gigaga – Guptas

Dit is uiters verstommend  dat hierdie sake waar daar soveel korrupsie betrokke is op hoë vlak, uitgerek word.    Soms klink of almal net in sirkels praat,  min vervolgings is aan die orde van die dag.   Watter magte het 'n kommissie regtig - dis dan ook 'n Aangestelde kommissie deur die ANC wat korrupsie ondersoek. … Continue reading State capture – Zondo commission – Molefe – Gigaga – Guptas

Gupta – Denel – Ramaphosa – CPA’s

Billions of rands are involved in this deals and so-called agreements or contracts with Denel and the ruling party - ANC - Ramaphosa is part and partcel of the ANC.   State arms company Denel lost more than R30 billion (and maybe much more) in contracts to supply weapons because a former executive insisted that kickback… Continue reading Gupta – Denel – Ramaphosa – CPA’s

Koornfontein mine – Gupta – Black Royalty Minerals (BRM) – AEMFC

Reported on 8 November in news (Moneyweb) that It has been nearly two years since the Gupta-owned operation was placed in business rescue.   The sale of Koornfontein coal mine – one of the Gupta companies now in business rescue – has hit a legal obstacle: losing bidder Lurco Group is asking the High Court to… Continue reading Koornfontein mine – Gupta – Black Royalty Minerals (BRM) – AEMFC

Zuma-Ramaphosa – ANC faction – Guptas – Saxonwold

Take note, during the time Zuma was President of the ANC and country, Ramaphosa was his right hand and deputy and part of the ANC and the government.      By the way - the Gupta family - accused of widespread corruption in South Africa - owned seven properties in Saxonwold and involved in mining… Continue reading Zuma-Ramaphosa – ANC faction – Guptas – Saxonwold

USA – SA and … Guptas …

The Guptas as well as their colleagues and associations were blacklisted over the widespread corruption, not only in South Africa.     That means, the sanctions immediately freeze any assets the blacklisted individuals have under US jurisdiction and forbid Americans and/ or US businesses — particularly international banks with any US operations — from transactions with… Continue reading USA – SA and … Guptas …

US: Financial and Travel Sanctions against Guptas in SA and US – Corruption and Human Rights Violations

  The US Treasury has imposed sanctions against the Gupta family and an associate over alleged corruption in South Africa.   The sanctions were targeted at brothers Atul, Ajay and Rajesh Gupta, and South African businessman Salim Essa.   They are accused of using their friendship with Zuma - there are more names, South Africa's former president,… Continue reading US: Financial and Travel Sanctions against Guptas in SA and US – Corruption and Human Rights Violations

Corruption – Bosasa – Guptas – Armsdeals – etc

SA die sinkende skip terwyl die wat die land bankrot steel, nie genoeg tasse en bankrekenings het om alles uit die land te neem nie. 'n Gesig van 'n sinkende skip sedert 1994, waar rewolusie en muitery, korrupsie en moord aan die orde van die dag is, is besig om te sink.   Armes, werk aan… Continue reading Corruption – Bosasa – Guptas – Armsdeals – etc

Bosasa – Gavin Watson (and family)

Briefly stated months back that Angelo Agrizzi testified at the Zondo commission and a person can’t help but wonder: Who is the Watson family?  Agrizzi’s testimony detailed how corruption, fraud and money laundering ran amock at the company. How BOSASA used political connections and bribery to secure government tenders or sanctuary from prosecution. Remember the… Continue reading Bosasa – Gavin Watson (and family)

Zondo – Barbara Hogan – Gordhan – Zuma – Guptas

"he said - she said"  and the truth - what is the mandate  then? Zuma, who was testifying at the state capture inquiry for a third day on Wednesday, was responding to allegations levelled against him by former public enterprises minister Barbara Hogan.   Hogan previously told the commission that she met Zuma a month into her appointment in… Continue reading Zondo – Barbara Hogan – Gordhan – Zuma – Guptas

Zuma and his Zondo commission about State capture

  Former president Jacob Zuma, through his legal counsel, has indicated that he does not want to take part in the Zondo commission of inquiry into state capture any further.  When the commission — chaired by Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo — reconvened on Friday, Muzi Sikhkakhane SC, acting on behalf of Zuma, revealed that… Continue reading Zuma and his Zondo commission about State capture

Committees – SA Parliament 2019

  For certain Zuma - Gupta -  people nominated.  The question is how the ANC agreed to the nominations of these controversial elements, knowing they are implicated in wrongdoing, an analyst said.   The ANC’s fielding of dubious figures to head crucial oversight committees will be understood as talking right and acting wrong, with analysts and… Continue reading Committees – SA Parliament 2019

Gangster state – Magashule

  In this explosive book, investigative journalist Pieter-Louis Myburgh ventures deeper than ever before into Magashule's murky dealings, from his time as a struggle activist in the 1980s to his powerful rule as premier of the Free State province for nearly a decade, and his rise to one of the ANC's most influential positions. Sifting… Continue reading Gangster state – Magashule

State capture …. SOUTH AFRICA

Paar brokkies geskiedenis ... oor die Guptas, Zuma en kie The State Capture commission, headed by deputy chief justice Raymond Zondo, has 180 days, which translates into roughly six months, to complete its work. On Monday, the commission held its first hearings – eight months after that first proclamation.   The Guptas, Zuma and his son Duduzane… Continue reading State capture …. SOUTH AFRICA

Guptas- Oakbay-Tegeta

  The Tegeta mining company is owned by the Gupta family in South Africa, who are strongly linked with President Jacob Zuma.     Business media reported 2018 - A South African consortium called Project Halo has submitted the winning bid of R3.05 billion for three major assets of Tegeta Exploration & Resources, the Gupta family-linked mining… Continue reading Guptas- Oakbay-Tegeta

Elites – Eskom – ZUMA – Gupta

Wie baat by die korrupsie nadat dit plaasgevind het - word daar ooit regtig vervolg en moeite gedoen om geld terug te kry.  Hoeveel van die elite is nie betrokke nie  - nie die armes of selfs middelmatiges nie.  Hulle betaal die belastings wat opgeslurp word.   Dit verdwyn in 'n bodemlose put.   Elites neem hande… Continue reading Elites – Eskom – ZUMA – Gupta

Ramaphosa-Zuma sagas

State capture is a reality and all the corruption from the Zuma and Guptas is quite a lot, but many of these have possibly the approval of Ramaphosa, he was nothing but the right hand and aware of everything while Zuma was president.  It was reported in the media (spekulation perhaps) that Ramaphosa has been… Continue reading Ramaphosa-Zuma sagas