Republiek van Iran en minderheidsvolke

*Iran se verskillende bevolkingsgroepe word op sowat 87 000 000 beraam, waarvan ongeveer die helfte etniese Perse is wat oorwegend in sentraal-Iran woon,  die res is Koerde, Baluchis, Azeriërs, Arabiere, Turkmeense, Lurs en Kaspiese etniese groepe.   Alhoewel die opeenvolgende regerings in Iran daarin geslaag het om etniese opstande aan te pak, het hulle die ideologiese… Continue reading Republiek van Iran en minderheidsvolke

Kurdistan – Koerde

* The Middle East is in turmoil with proxy wars, ISIS and a struggle between ideologies, values, Sunni versus Shia, and civilians versus dysfunctional states. Meanwhile, the stateless Kurds are gaining an international profile from fighting ISIS and having created islands of relative safety and stability in Iraq and Syria.   Compare the people of the… Continue reading Kurdistan – Koerde

Vladimir Putin – Bashar Al-Asad – Damascus

  Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived on 7 January 2020 in Damascus on a visit during which he met President Bashar al-Assad at the Russian forces assembly location in Damascus.  President al-Assad and President Putin listened to a military briefing by the commander of the Russian forces operating in Syria.    President Putin offered congratulations to the… Continue reading Vladimir Putin – Bashar Al-Asad – Damascus

Russia/Turkey on joint patrols in NE Syria

  Russia and Turkey launch joint patrols in northeastern Syria.    Maria Khodynskaya-Golenishcheva, a senior adviser to the Russian Foreign Ministry, recalled that the negotiated ceasefire with the United States in eastern Aleppo in September 2016 lasted for just two weeks, because both powers had ignored regional players. 31 October 2019 Fighting has intensified near the northeast Syrian town… Continue reading Russia/Turkey on joint patrols in NE Syria

US and Syria – oil fields

  The US push to claim Syrian oil fields is "banditry," the Russian Defense Ministry has said. A US military convoy was heading towards oil fields at Syria's Deir el-Zour, where Washington already maintains a small force. * On 25 October 2019 , the  U.S. Defense Department said that it planned to increase up its… Continue reading US and Syria – oil fields

Kurdish in shock – human violations by various countries – war crimes

This is just not a Russian or Putin idea only.   Here is more behind it than it is publicly announced. This is ridiculous, it is really outrageous to take away so much territory from Syria and the Kurdish province, or country that once was existed as a bigger country and was known as Kurdish territory. … Continue reading Kurdish in shock – human violations by various countries – war crimes