“unconstitutional” rights of prisoners – Breytenbach (DA)

It was reported previously that Ramaphosa's suggested that prisoners should be made to do hard labour, while Breytenbach of the DA is of the opinion that it is both unconstitutional and populist.   Ramaphosa is reported to have told mourners at the funeral of Precious Ramabsulana that “government would work to change the justice system to… Continue reading “unconstitutional” rights of prisoners – Breytenbach (DA)

Prisoners and their human rights

  Cyril Ramaphosa has indicated that he would like some prisoners to face "hard labour" in jail.  AGREE WITH THAT.    The DA is against such suggestion.   Agree with hard labour for all criminals, especially killers, attackers and rapers - they do not belong in any community - they must not have any human rights,… Continue reading Prisoners and their human rights

NPA – Breytenbach 2016

Kortlys van die Nasionale Vervolgingsgesag verwys asook video materiaal Nasionale Vervolgingsgesag ~ NATIONAL PROSECUTING AUTHORITY NASIONALE VERVOLGINGSGESAG In 2016 is daar 'n video van Glennis Breytenbach in parlement, wat die NPA versoek dat Shaun Abrahams moet bedank. Nou is syself op die kortlys om aangestel te word. DA Glynnis Breytenbach calls for NPA chief Shaun… Continue reading NPA – Breytenbach 2016