DA – John Steenhuisen – Corona lockdown regulations

John Steenhuisen DA leader said that the lockdown regulations, which allow people to gather in religious settings while going to salons, beaches and smoking cigarettes continue to be prohibited, are “bizarre”.    The national corona virus command council (NCCC) announced more new regulations which would apply to the eased lock down from 1 June 2020.     

DA leader John Steenhuisen finds some of the Level 3 lockdown regulations 'bizarre'.


Fully agree with him – here in South Africa are still small businesses with no income at all – for them as well as their workers.      All businesses are essential to feed their families, not only big or certain companies/ businesses.  The court, government and political parties in favour of those so-called regulations, do not help at all, but just create fear and hunger situations like in Zimbabwe and other countries.  Zimbabwe have the same Black empowerment legislations.

For those in control,  it is about control, power and black economic empowerment and not about the virus that is actually very smaller.   The government and their cadres / supporters are the racists here against all white people (it is ongoing since 1994).

This is totally unfair that those in control, N Zuma must decide who is essential and who is not.   Those people in “essential” positions and work, receive an income and do businesses as normal.   But some of the essential workers are not allowed to work and keep their businesses running.

Earlier in the week, president Cyril Ramaphosa said churches would reopen from next week, though under strict conditions which include that congregants must wear masks, social distancing must be observed and that only a limited number of people may gather at a time.    Co-operative governance & traditional affairs minister Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma said there were ongoing discussions between the government and the beauty industry to find safer ways in which they could trade.    Steenhuisen questioned the new regulations, saying it was ‘bizarre” that regulations on gatherings had been amended while others had not.   

“So you can gather in a confined space with 49 other people but you cannot have your haircut, go to the beach, or go to a park or smoke a cigarette? Bizarre …” he wrote on social media.    His comments drew mixed reaction from users, with many slamming the regulations and urging the official opposition to fight the changes.   The party issued a statement on Thursday slamming the regulations and labelling them “irrational”, saying they “lack scientific basis”.

“The release of government’s Level 3 regulations today by minister Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma confirms our view that our government is no longer focused on fighting the coronavirus pandemic. Instead, their focus has shifted to undermining the hard-fought freedoms of all South Africans,” DA shadow minister of co-operative governance and traditional affairs, Haniff Hoosen, wrote in the statement.



Haarkappers en diegene wie se deure nog gesluit is, is netso essensieël om voedsel te koop / verkoop en hulself en hul gesinne beter voor te berei vir enige siektestoestand as wat dokters, predikante of ingenieurs is.   Nie een van ons is beter af as ander nie – waarom word ‘n onderskeid gemaak?   Dis ook nie besighede wat oop is se skuld nie.

Diegene wat sit en loer by vensters of betaal word om agente te wees, dink hulle is die groot helde van die dag om ander te gaan verkla, om ander wat moontlik desperaat is om vir kinders ‘n brood te voorsien of ‘n siek familielid te versorg.    Hou op met die siek speletjies om stories aan te dra, dit maak van niemand ‘n held as mense van honger omkom nie.    Inteendeel gaan was jou hande, want dis besmet met onskuldige mense se bloed en nie met die virus nie.

Die regering is rassiste al vir 26 jaar teenoor blankes en daar was nog geen poging van enige van hierdie “nuusdraers” of geheime agente wat nie die swart bemagtiging wetgewings ook steun nie – dus is die agente net soveel skuldig aan rassisme en diskriminasie as die president wat die kommissie van swart bemagtiging beheer.

Indien die regering en hul politieke partye ophou diskrimineer teenoor blankes met hul regstellende aksie of swart bemagtiging sou dit ook beter gewees het.  Daar is geen gelyke behandeling nie en word al ons menseregte geskend.

Die ANC gaan ‘n stappie verder met hul rassistiese wetgewing – in opdrag van wie af?
Buitendien is swart bemagtiging ingestel om net die ryk elites en hul families se finansies te verbeter en nie vir die armes nie.

Donasies wat ook verkry is in die virus tydperk is 100% ‘n voorbeeld daarvan.  RASSISME EN DISKRIMINASIE TEENOOR BLANKES




The South African government will use the Covid-19 health crisis to correct the imbalances in the economy that the pandemic has highlighted, Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs Minister, Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma said on Tuesday.
Ekonomiese kleinsake vernietiging – “Corona virus crisis”


Soon open …
Essential – churches, businesses, etc. – Noodsaaklik – kerke, besighede, ens.


Welcome to Business Partners Limited (BUSINESS/PARTNERS). We’re one of the leading business loan and equity providers for viable small to medium businesses in the world. We provide loan finance ranging from R500 000 to R50 million to all business owners who have a viable formal business and require finance for expansion, working capital, equipment, takeovers, property, franchises or management buy-outs.  
Business partners – “Corona” – small businesses – Rupert


To steal from the poor or anybody , is a violation of their human rights.  Corruption is an international  crime (s) so is racism and discrimination, that violated all our Afrikaners and Boers, the white people’s human rights.  Furthermore – on corruption –  why should all our hard earned income go abroad illegally, while there are a lack of poor or no services, schools, hospitals are poor maintained, etc. ?    In South Africa, race legislations  are only against the white minority group of people (Affirmative Action and Black Economic Empowerment) that violated our white’s human rights – the ANC, with other political parties,  destroyed our economical, cultural and social rights since 1994.  It is all written into their so-called “rainbownation”‘s constitution with legislations.
Racism, Discrimination, Crime and Corruption – UN (prevention)



29 000 millionaire civil servants


Since 1994, the money making table was covered for the “new” millionaires or billionaires, who filled their own financial coffers, mostly from black empowerment and affirmative action projects, tenders and work done for government, while working for government and parliament.

Partners of .. and more millionaires – billionaires


Mining – only black economic empowerment – BRM

Koornfontein mine – Gupta – Black Royalty Minerals (BRM) – AEMFC


Why must we believe what communists and their leaders are telling us about B-BBEE and EE , what is good for South Africa and what is the reality on what we experience.   How many of those statistics mentioned in their reports are immigrants and illegals from Africa and other parts of the world.   How many immigrants are working today in South Africa    No census has been done for years – they only do “surveys”, there are only “estimated” numbers of peoples available  – even the 2011 is not 100% correct.   And who are the “BLACK AFRICANS”?    100% Africans are BLACK in any case.
B-BBEE – EE – racism and discrimination

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