SA Parliament – land without compensation – traditional leaders

A Hansard of December 2018 stated there are more than 8840 traditional leaders (different black and coloureds)   in the whole of South Africa.   They all receive salaries.     It is even legally in their constitution (anc manifesto).   And most of us thought that segregation is over for those different ethnic groups.    Did mandela… Continue reading SA Parliament – land without compensation – traditional leaders

Malema “net nog ‘n verkleurmannetjie”

  Malema is nes Ramaphosa en Zuma -  wat darem maar vinnig  die blankes nader trek en die skuld  gee vir hul eie onbekwaamhede en korrupsie.   As daar geen korrupsie was nie, het ons al 25 Singapores gehad.    Malema is deel van die parlement wat niks doen as daar soveel gesteel word nie - dit… Continue reading Malema “net nog ‘n verkleurmannetjie”

“Sirkustent” – SA Parlementshuis

Parliamentary sessions are televised and meant to keep South Africans abreast of political developments. But this year has seen a number of times when shade was thrown, and boy, do South Africans love a bit of drama. Is dit die "narre" of die stoele wat rondgegooi word, afgebreek word  - SA parlement het ook hul… Continue reading “Sirkustent” – SA Parlementshuis

Zuma – Gaddafi – SA Parliament

It is all about money and ... Questions & Replies: Finance - Hansard of South African Parliament 2013 Reply received: December 2013 QUESTION NUMBER: 2339 [NW2802E]  DATE OF PUBLICATION: 13 SEPTEMBER 2013 2339. Mr N J J van R Koornhof (Cope) to ask the Minister of Finance:  Whether the (a) National Treasury and (b) South… Continue reading Zuma – Gaddafi – SA Parliament

Circus in the political arena – South Africa – chaos 5 April 2019 at Hout Bay SAME HAPPENED IN PARLIAMENT AS WELL SABC reported on the circus of 5 April 2019 regarding the elections of 2019 Vanoggend op SABC2 nuus. So debatteer politieke partye. Do you call this election debates? Election debate of 2019 in South Africa. Watch the full SABC coverage below: Chaos mars SABC elections coverage in… Continue reading Circus in the political arena – South Africa – chaos 5 April 2019 at Hout Bay

Narysec 2014

  #Narysec   Various documents about narysec to follow – since 2009. Dirk Kok - Disgruntled youth, who disrupted the graduation ceremony of the National Rural Youth Service Corps in Thaba Nchu this afternoon, say politicians are painting a rosy picture of this programme, but Narysec doesn't benefit the youth. The event, with minister of rural… Continue reading Narysec 2014

Narysec – government training – thousands

  #Narysec   Various documents about narysec to follow - since 2009 The National Rural Youth Service Corps (Narysec) is a youth skills development and employment programme.  It is the  youth fagship programme of the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform which also forms part of the CRDP.   It also provides character building programmes, soft and hard… Continue reading Narysec – government training – thousands


#Narysec   Various documents about narysec to follow - since 2009 2012 QUESTION 1992 INTERNAL QUESTION PAPER [No 23-2012] DATE OF PUBLICATION: 10 August 2012 1992. Mrs P C Ngwenya-Mabila (ANC) to ask the Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform: What progress has been made by his department to pursue rural development by empowering rural… Continue reading Narysec

Corruption 2018 Korrupsie

Korrupsie is nog nooit werklik vasgevat en behoorlik uitgeroei nie.   Noem enige skandaal op en sien of daar enige iemand behoorlik verhoor en gestraf is.  Veral die elite wat agter dit sit.  Dis nie die grondvlakmense wat die skandaal uitgedink het nie   Wapenskandaal - Etol-stelsel - Prasa - Teksboeke - Nkandla - Guptas - Staatskaping. … Continue reading Corruption 2018 Korrupsie

Eskom Swart Bemagtiging (B-BBEE)

All parties, inclusive the liberal whites of Dakar and FW de Klerk and the Broederbond, created this situation together with the ANC-DP-DA-EFF-ACDP-FF+ and others.  During the year 2015 Eskom declare to decrease its white employees by up to 3 400, despite having shed more than 10 000 white staff since 1994.   That is why Eskom is "socalled"… Continue reading Eskom Swart Bemagtiging (B-BBEE)