South African and world “tsunami”s

* An observation of all the corruptions, captures, crime and killings are that different countries, their governments and some organisations are all sinking ships.    It will end up in a huge tsunami all over.     There is no such thing as 'global warming' or the endless pollution problems, it is man-made and state captures,… Continue reading South African and world “tsunami”s

Expropriation of properties

Politieke partye kan maar elkeen hul eie stempel of beleidsdokumente formuleer soos hul wil - ondersteuners kan dit ook glo, maar is nie altyd die realiteit nie.   Partye in beheer van provinsies, is almal onderworpe aan die ANC se meerderheidsbesluite en wetgewings van Nasionale wetgewer en parlement - hulle almal sit ook in parlement.  Al… Continue reading Expropriation of properties

Veelrassige organisasies – ABN

Al die politieke partye en vele ander organisasies is tans veelrassig en kan dus nie namens Boere of Afrikaners as volk opstaan of namens hul besluite maak nie.    Daar is wel lede van die volksgroep wat vir die betrokke partye kan stem waarin daardie politieke party glo, veelrassigheid en meestal kommunisties van aard is… Continue reading Veelrassige organisasies – ABN

Soros and revolution – Schwartz György

The Open Society Foundations, the philanthropic group founded by the business magnate George Soros, announced recently that  $220 million was invested in efforts to achieve racial equality in America, a huge financial undertaking that will support several Black-led racial justice groups for years to come.   *   The initiative, which comes amid national protests… Continue reading Soros and revolution – Schwartz György

Monsanto – Bayer – Germany

  In September 2018, the company reported low earnings for the second quarter of 2018. The sharp income drop follows the German firm's acquisition of US-based crop science giant Monsanto.    Bayer paid €54 billion ($61.4 billion) which was the biggest foreign takeover in history for a German firm. Perhaps George Soros, the Gates their families, the board of directors of… Continue reading Monsanto – Bayer – Germany

Deep state – George Soros – dr Evil

Wie en wat is Soros en sy betrokkenheid by regerings om hul ekonomiee in duie te laat stort, oorlog, protesaksies, alles deel van die Soros plan.   "The Deep state" is deur Alex Newman ondersoek.   Daar is geen land waar Soros of sy familielede nie betrokke is nie. * By Alex Newman . . . In this… Continue reading Deep state – George Soros – dr Evil

The so-called “climate warriers”

Read and watch all those funders of the so-called "climate change", how they buy in some  shares and properties, etc.  Soros is not the only one on the same page .. here is only a few articles to mention...  Alles oor mag en beheer, kontrole oor ons almal? * Interesting .. there is this on… Continue reading The so-called “climate warriers”