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Cooperative Governance MEC Lebogang Maile said his department would place the City under administration last week after the ouster of mayor Stevens Mokgalapa.   The Democratic Alliance (DA) in Tshwane says the Gauteng government’s plan to put the city under administration is illegal.




Cooperative Governance MEC Lebogang Maile said his department would place the City under administration last week after the ouster of mayor Stevens Mokgalapa through a motion of no confidence.

However, the Pretoria High Court however reversed that decision after an application by the DA.

The party believes Maile’s actions are a ploy by the African National Congress to get its hands on the City’s fiscus in the run-up to the 2021 local government elections.

The DA’s Solly Msimanga said, “This is nothing else but a plan to ensure that they get their hands into the cookie jar, and then they can get resources to campaign towards 2021. I can tell you now that since 2016 they have not been able to do door-to-door, because we stopped the EPWP that was used to ensure that they are able to do door-to-door.”

The Tshwane DA’s caucus leader has threatened Maile with legal action.

Maile denied it has anything to do with the recent mayoral chaos in the City.

But Msimanga disputes this, and says it’s an attempt by the ANC government wants to hijack the city illegally.

“We are saying that we are ready, and our lawyers are ready and we want him to start the process of Section 139.

When we win in court, we want those who are entrusted with power or authority really take responsibility for how they use that power.”


The DA’s reaction about Pretoria (Tswane)
Is Jacob Zuma in Cuba for treatment for an illness? The ANC ducked the question today. In November the former President’s appearance before the Zondo Commission was postponed due to illness.



“Since the start of the term of office in 2016, there have been numerous cases of the collapse of council meetings, wherein the municipal council could not complete the business of council owing to violence erupting in the council chamber, various spurious motions of no confidence and total disrespect for the rules and order of council, which have created institutional instability and malfunctioning within the municipality,” Maile said.

“Based on the material facts as presented above, the Gauteng provincial executive council has been left with no choice but to invoke the provisions of section 139(1), read together with section 154, of the Constitution, by taking appropriate steps to support and strengthen the capacity of the City of Tshwane.”

This comes just a day after the DA was removed from power in the City of Tshwane.

On Thursday, two motions of no confidence resulted in both Tshwane council speaker Katlego Mathebe and mayor Stevens Mokgalapa being ousted.

Acting city manager Moeketsi Ntsimane will now be in control of the city until council sits again to elect Mokgalapa’s successor.

Initially it seemed as though the ANC would claim its second city from the DA in the space of two days. The governing party snatched Johannesburg on Wednesday when Geoff Makhubo won a majority 137 votes. However, Thursday’s anarchy threw a spanner in the works.

“As recently as yesterday, the level of instability that the coalition arrangement had introduced to governance within the City of Tshwane was laid bare for all to see, with motions of no confidence being brought against both the speaker and mayor in a council sitting that had elements of unruliness and disorder, which have become all too common in Tshwane,” Maile said.

The EFF has been punting the idea of nominating its own candidate for mayoral duties. However, while the city is under administration, the provincial government will be calling the shots.

Early this week, Gauteng Premier David Makhura and Maile announced that should the two metros fail to sort out their political mayhems then provincial government would step in, following the postponement of a council sitting in Tshwane and a breakdown in proceedings in Johannesburg last week.

“We will not allow political games on matters that fundamentally affect the lives of millions of Gauteng residents. It is time for swift and decisive action where there is governance or service delivery failure.

“There is administration and governance chaos in the city and all surveys point to the fact that service delivery has taken a deep knock and residents are suffering. There is a total mismanagement of the city, which has eroded public confidence,” Makhura said.




The state of politics in Tshwane was summed up during a chaotic meeting on Thursday. Both the speaker and the mayor were ejected from their roles, but that was only half the story. The speaker’s deputy was accused of drinking on the job, and several scuffles broke out before the votes were finalised.

This disorganisation has lead to a wave of municipal strikes across Tshwane this year, and the restless locals are gatvol with the way their city was being run. The DA had controlled the municipality since 2016 – in a coalition with the EFF – but as their relationship soured, so did their combined approach to public service.

What happens when a city goes into administration?

But what does going into administration actually mean? We’ve summarised the main points here. It’s not overly complicated to explain, but the administrators do have a mammoth task ahead of them:

  • Going into administration happens when a local municipality “can’t fulfil their obligations” to serve the people.
  • Under Section 139 of South Africa’s constitution, the provincial authority can takeover from a municipality.
  • All executive positions in the chamber will be rendered useless while an adminstrator is put in charge.
  • Whoever is chosen as the administrator will be appointed to manage and oversee the day-to-day running of the municipality. Essentially, when a city government hasn’t done its job, provincial structures must do it for them.

Who is in charge of Tshwane?

A vote for the next mayor of Tshwane has been postponed. Initially, it seemed like ANC would claim their second city from the DA within two days. They snatched Johannesburg on Wednesday, after Geoff Makhubo earned a razor-thin majority in the chamber. However, Thursday’s anarchy threw a spanner in the works.

The EFF have also been punting the idea of nominating their own candidate for mayoral duties. However, while under administration, it will be the provincial government calling the shots in Tshwane.



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