Illegal immigrants

When immigrants cross so many other neighbouring countries on their way to their so-called "destination" (eg. South Africa), without the necessary papers, visums or passports,  in the first place, they should not have been allowed by those respective countries.    When they eventually reach their "destinations",  there are much more fights between our own people… Continue reading Illegal immigrants

Lenasia – Lebogang Maile

  If this is ongoing so long it is already out of control. Lenasia residents marched on Saturday calling for an end to the mushrooming of illegal structures there.   The community's been complaining that shacks and other structures are negatively impacting on the value of their properties.   Gauteng's Human Settlements MEC, Lebogang Maile says his… Continue reading Lenasia – Lebogang Maile

Immigrante – Immigrants – Soros

Immigrante haat alles van die blankes en tog is hul vlugtog en eindbestemming een van die EU lande en gaan klop hulle daar aan vir beter heenkome want hul eie lande bied dit nie - of gaan dit eerder oor die gratis toelaes wat uitgedeel word?  Heelwat van die immigrante wys later hul ware klere… Continue reading Immigrante – Immigrants – Soros