Mining and water – Cullinan mine

  Where are all the Councillors of the Metro Tshwane?   An estimated 300 000 people in the East of Pretoria won't have access to running water for the foreseeable future - and who is responsible for that?   Where are the management, the engineers, the plumbers, the health inspectors, etc?    Do those 300 000 pay… Continue reading Mining and water – Cullinan mine

South Africa – Illegal immigrants .. .. ratepayer opinion

South Africa cannot house illegal immigrants  - that is not one fact but there are more behind this as well.  What about education, medical treatmens, services and grants - all free and mahala.  Is not only Gauteng, it is in the whole country.   A government report has suggested that beside a battle with limited resources,… Continue reading South Africa – Illegal immigrants .. .. ratepayer opinion

Illegal immigrants

When immigrants cross so many other neighbouring countries on their way to their so-called "destination" (eg. South Africa), without the necessary papers, visums or passports,  in the first place, they should not have been allowed by those respective countries.    When they eventually reach their "destinations",  there are much more fights between our own people… Continue reading Illegal immigrants

Eskom – Soweto – onwettige elektrisiteit

Onwettige konneksies van elektrisiteit is regdeur die land te sien, maar veral in die informele sektor.   Persone weet hoe om te konnekteer maar dis onveilig en dit kos elkeen van ons om dit wat gesteel word, weer te vervang met nog meer om te steel.   Inderwaarheid is hulle niks anders as kriminele en misdadigers nie,… Continue reading Eskom – Soweto – onwettige elektrisiteit