15 jaar PLUS beurtkrag onder ANC

* Nou ja 15 jaar (PLUS) is 'n lang tyd - die regering moet elke sent aan belastingbetalers terugbetaal wat in al hierdie jare verlore geraak het in ander vreemde bankrekenings.  Dit is langer as 15 jaar wat ons rot en kaal besteel word.   Plus al die brekasies wat vervang moes word as gevolg van… Continue reading 15 jaar PLUS beurtkrag onder ANC

Johannesburg Mayor – Eskom non-payers

  Dis getroue betalers wat opdok vir die nie-betalers van Eskom - Eskom behoort aan ons almal, nie aan die ANC regering nie.     Eskom buig agteroor om nie-betalers en misdadigers se skuld af te skryf en te akkommodeer.    Eskom maak hul skuldig om misdadigers te voed en grens aan bedrog.   Geen bank gaan… Continue reading Johannesburg Mayor – Eskom non-payers

Squatter shacks Richards Bay

  Municipal contractor destroying squatter shacks behind Alusaf Hillside! And who are those that living here?    Illegal immigrants - good question? Vagrants and known criminal elements , and dangerous places to live in the green bushes. Photos from a Councillor's profile (Botha) * How is the criminal situation , attacks, even murders in Richards… Continue reading Squatter shacks Richards Bay

Millions of illegals in South Africa

In terms of the Immigration Act, it is unlawful for an employer to knowingly employ a foreigner who is not authorised to be employed in South Africa, the legal firm stated. Any foreigner requires a valid work visa to work in South Africa. Often such visas are linked to a specific employer and are not… Continue reading Millions of illegals in South Africa

South Africa – Illegal immigrants .. .. ratepayer opinion

South Africa cannot house illegal immigrants  - that is not one fact but there are more behind this as well.  What about education, medical treatmens, services and grants - all free and mahala.  Is not only Gauteng, it is in the whole country.   A government report has suggested that beside a battle with limited resources,… Continue reading South Africa – Illegal immigrants .. .. ratepayer opinion

Illegal immigrants

When immigrants cross so many other neighbouring countries on their way to their so-called "destination" (eg. South Africa), without the necessary papers, visums or passports,  in the first place, they should not have been allowed by those respective countries.    When they eventually reach their "destinations",  there are much more fights between our own people… Continue reading Illegal immigrants

Nigeria and South Africa

  South Africa has temporarily shut down its embassy in Nigeria after a series of reprisal attacks on South African businesses there. Protesters gathered to voice their anger at foreign businesses being attacked in the South African cities of Johannesburg and Pretoria. South Africa's President Cyril Ramaphosa says at least 10 people have been killed… Continue reading Nigeria and South Africa

Illegals – Unemployed – uncontrolled borders

How many of those 900 000 residents (mentioned in a 2018 article) are immigrants from all over the world?  and this is only from one city that you know of, what about the illegals that live under trees and in shacks all over South Africa?  National government will not suggest any solutions, because crime is… Continue reading Illegals – Unemployed – uncontrolled borders

Illegal mining KZN rivers

Reported by the Zululand Observer and South Coast Sun.    Two illegal mining sites were closed down, but the miners have merely moved upriver and it’s business as usual.    Since the media first reported on illegal sand mining on the Illovo River nine years ago, nothing has been done about it until last week. The… Continue reading Illegal mining KZN rivers

Migrants moved from crowded border shelters as far north as Colorado

  U.S. authorities are using aircraft to move migrants to less-crowded areas for processing, while others have been bused as far north as Colorado to alleviate the strain on overwhelmed shelters along the border in Texas and New Mexico.   Several dozen migrants were bused to Denver overnight with the help of the New Mexico governor's… Continue reading Migrants moved from crowded border shelters as far north as Colorado

Immigrante – Immigrants – Soros

Immigrante haat alles van die blankes en tog is hul vlugtog en eindbestemming een van die EU lande en gaan klop hulle daar aan vir beter heenkome want hul eie lande bied dit nie - of gaan dit eerder oor die gratis toelaes wat uitgedeel word?  Heelwat van die immigrante wys later hul ware klere… Continue reading Immigrante – Immigrants – Soros