Health care SA (NHLS) Gesondheidsdienste

The priority diseases in South Africa remain the HIV and TB epidemics, which require significant volumes of testing to support their management, the sheer burden of which is unparalleled globally.   With the increased pressure of the HIV 90-90-90 targets and END TB strategies, this is likely to remain an important mandate of the NHLS. The… Continue reading Health care SA (NHLS) Gesondheidsdienste

National Health Insurance (NHI)

  Die neuse word al rooier en langer na die kommunistiese oorheerste regering se pad (bolshevisme) wat wys waarvan hul gemaak is  - vir hulle is daar baie afdraaipaaie na korrupsie op korrupsie, guptas en morde.   Onder watter doeltreffendheid en wie se intigriteit word korrupsie en misdaad uitgevoer of bekamp ?     Zweli Mkhize, ANC… Continue reading National Health Insurance (NHI)

NHI bill – “nationalization of health care in SA – DA” – is much more

This Bill will not only be to nationalize our private health care and medical aids, but will demolish all our medical services and private sector as well.    Unemployment will follow soon in that criteria.    Is like "NO farmer NO food".   "NO doctor NO medical treatment"  What can the DA and all other parties… Continue reading NHI bill – “nationalization of health care in SA – DA” – is much more

National Health Insurance – NHI – Elders

Alvorens die ANC 'n pers kopdoek oor ons gooi om ons verder te vertrap, word die "oudstes"  van ander lande bymekaargemaak om oor ons sake te besluit.   Waar is die protokol van "inmenging in ander se huishoudelike sake" en mandaat om oor SA burgers te besluit.  Geld dit net vir sekeres, want toe Trump iets… Continue reading National Health Insurance – NHI – Elders

NHI – National Health Insurance bill

  Klink soos AFGETAKELDE  "nasionalisering van gesondheidsorg" - #Kommunisme #Bolsjevisme - alles word tot op die grond afgebreek. The National Health Insurance bill was finally introduced during the first week of August 2019 and – despite many, many concerns - it looks as if government will be pushing ahead to start implementing the new healthcare… Continue reading NHI – National Health Insurance bill

South African Pension funds and NHI – Capture in making – Nationalisation

  WHERE IS OUR FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION AND CHOICES - with the pension funds, the planned NHI and B-BBEE is racism and discrimination to all the white minority people in South Africa.   Ramaphosa has said government will pursue policies in the interests of South Africans, and pension fund holders.    This is part of their… Continue reading South African Pension funds and NHI – Capture in making – Nationalisation

Who is behind the NHI?

Who is really working behind this curtain in South Africa and its NHI system, is this only the ANC?   There are various organisations, partners and businesses involved here (as it was in 1994 with Codesa).   The purpose is to take away and give it for free away to others ... to capture the health system… Continue reading Who is behind the NHI?

NHI Capture will be Human Rights Violation by ANC

This will be just ANOTHER capture by the ANC - to implement a National Health Insurance to all South Africans (and immigrants). * There will be no freedom at all and violation of all our human rights by the ANC will take place - a huge attack on our lifes.  Can just imagine what will… Continue reading NHI Capture will be Human Rights Violation by ANC