NHI bill – “nationalization of health care in SA – DA” – is much more

This Bill will not only be to nationalize our private health care and medical aids, but will demolish all our medical services and private sector as well.    Unemployment will follow soon in that criteria.    Is like "NO farmer NO food".   "NO doctor NO medical treatment"  What can the DA and all other parties… Continue reading NHI bill – “nationalization of health care in SA – DA” – is much more

NHI – National Health Insurance bill

  Klink soos AFGETAKELDE  "nasionalisering van gesondheidsorg" - #Kommunisme #Bolsjevisme - alles word tot op die grond afgebreek. The National Health Insurance bill was finally introduced during the first week of August 2019 and – despite many, many concerns - it looks as if government will be pushing ahead to start implementing the new healthcare… Continue reading NHI – National Health Insurance bill