Misdaad SA Crime

3 June 2021 - The prison break mastermind, Sphelele Ntsuntsu Mkhize, was one of the seven people killed by police on Tuesday in Pietermaritzburg.   One of the men killed was Sphelele Ntsuntsu Mkhize, the gang’s kingpin. Mkhize was charged with murder and rape, and had conspired to kill witnesses in his case, said police.  Who… Continue reading Misdaad SA Crime

Gun and self defence legislation

  All legislations and changes to it, as well as to the Constitution,  will be a blank cheque (since 1994) and only a promise to citizens what ministers have said that the amendments should not be interpreted as though "government is looking into disarming citizens".   If all citizens have that human right until now (under… Continue reading Gun and self defence legislation

Aanvalle-Moorde SEPTEMBER 2019 Attacks-Killings

  What "fights are there against crime in SA"? This government has done absolutely nothing to reduce crime, sex crimes and murder crimes.   Furthermore, government and their agents, receive also 15% VAT on all related crime activities - all extra incomes only to themselves.   The President himself, the Minister of Police, Immigration, Defence Force and… Continue reading Aanvalle-Moorde SEPTEMBER 2019 Attacks-Killings

Cape Flats gang war – SANDF and Police

Hundreds of people have died unnecessarily because of the delay in deploying troops to the Cape Flats, the City of Cape Town said on Friday.    The comment by JP Smith, the mayoral committee member for safety and security, followed Thursday night’s announcement by police minister Bheki Cele that SANDF personnel would be sent to gang-ravaged… Continue reading Cape Flats gang war – SANDF and Police

Casspirs Durban

  Three of the four controversial Casspirs bought for the metro police by eThekwini Municipality were delivered to the Durban Metro Police on Wednesday.   The Casspirs cost more than R23 million and have been mired in controversy as opposition parties questioned whether there was a real need for the vehicles and also their price tag.....… Continue reading Casspirs Durban

South Africa: sexual harassment

Opinion of Jackie Nagtegaal ,  an admitted advocate who landed in the world of alternative legal service, futures thinking and legal tech. It's at the intersection of these three where innovation blooms.    Violent crime in South Africa is rife and horrific, but the prevalence of sexual assault and rape has led to South Africa being dubbed “the… Continue reading South Africa: sexual harassment

Seksuele Teistering / Harassment

Hoeveel word vroue misbruik in Suid-Afrika?     Daar is hoeveel verkragtings wat nooit die binnekant van 'n Polisiestasie sien nie.   Inteendeel ...  dis in sommige se kultuur om te verkrag en te los.   Die gebakte peer is reeds daar en die vrou moet dit verwerk.    Dis nie al nie, daar word heelwat kindertjies verkrag. … Continue reading Seksuele Teistering / Harassment