Turkey Floating Karpowership

R218 billion for powerships in South African harbours - Karpowership SA (KPSA), is a South African company that is 49% Black owned.   Karpowership is a member of Karadeniz Energy Group, Istanbul, Turkey. The group is a pioneer in innovative energy projects for the last 20 years, with investments in domestic and international markets. The group… Continue reading Turkey Floating Karpowership

Mining and water – Cullinan mine

  Where are all the Councillors of the Metro Tshwane?   An estimated 300 000 people in the East of Pretoria won't have access to running water for the foreseeable future - and who is responsible for that?   Where are the management, the engineers, the plumbers, the health inspectors, etc?    Do those 300 000 pay… Continue reading Mining and water – Cullinan mine

Eskom en beurtkrag

Eskom het vanmore aangekondig dat beurtkrag vandag toegepas sal word van 09:00 tot 23:00. Eskom se woordvoerder het gesê dat n verklaring later uitgereik sal word om die redes vir die beurtkrag te verduidelik. Die publiek word versoek om hulle stadsrade se onderskeie munisipale beurtkrag skedules na te gaan om vas te stel wanneer die… Continue reading Eskom en beurtkrag

Cable theft – Kabel diefstal – Westdene

  ER24 paramedics responded to a call just after 12pm on 16 September after a man sustained injuries after catching alight. It is alleged that the man, with another suspect, had broken into the mini substation on the property of the Westdene Recreational Centre.   He has been taken to hospital after catching fire during alleged cable… Continue reading Cable theft – Kabel diefstal – Westdene