Zimbabwe – “bread basket” into a “basket case” ~~~ No farmer – No food

Land grabs are also happening in other African countries.   ZIMBABWE!   It is a serious point to destroy food security as well, is happening here in SA too.  No farmer - No food.  The ANC do have already 5000+ farms, they bought since 1994 in South Africa - what happened to all those productive farms?   Another… Continue reading Zimbabwe – “bread basket” into a “basket case” ~~~ No farmer – No food

Zimbabwe – land invasions 2014 – 2009

  South Africa is doing the same as the leaders in Zimbabwe - set their own rules to grab land.   Destroy houses and businesses.   Here are a few articles of their past on land grabs. Zimbabwe – Orphans – Aids and hunger Zimbabwe – “bread basket” into a “basket case” ~~~ No farmer – No… Continue reading Zimbabwe – land invasions 2014 – 2009

SA: Land invasions – Grond besettings

This is the politics in South Africa - the political parties promised free housing, services, schools and after the elections there are only empty promises.  Why do people vote them from those PROMISES PARTIES?   Invaders - how many of those are immigrants and who are really citizens of South Africa?   There are more than one… Continue reading SA: Land invasions – Grond besettings

State-owned land – 25 years later

  Who are the real owners of state-owned land?   If it is state owned land, why do the government keep the land in their own hands and create this hate agenda against whites to reform?   What funding was paid (TAX) for that farmlands?  If tax was used,  the owners of all those farmland are the… Continue reading State-owned land – 25 years later

Expropriation of land without compensation – South Africa

They always said they are landless, but it is a big lie and not the truth.  How much land belong to the (ANC) government of South Africa and their own black/other supporters today?  Land that do not belong to whites in South Africa ... they always reported in the media, in "parliament" and to the… Continue reading Expropriation of land without compensation – South Africa

Land expropriation – racism – South Africa

  Dalk is dit net verkiesingsfoefies - nee dis plein swart bemagtiging en rassisme - slegs blankes se grond sal gevat word - geen swarte wat grond besit se grond sal weggeneem word nie.   Wat het in Zimbabwe gebeur?   Daar is ook oor dit geskryf - baie swartes is na 1994 van hul grond verwyder… Continue reading Land expropriation – racism – South Africa

Land grabs a daily reality

Grondbesettings 'n daaglikse realiteit Die leuens gaan die parlement en die ANC en ander politieke partye wat hieraan deelneem nog baie berou.   Beide maak beloftes en kom nie behuising beloftes na nie.  Maak toe die grense, dan sal daar beter behuising en kontrole plaasvind, maar dit gebeur nie.  Wie hou toesig oor die grense -… Continue reading Land grabs a daily reality

Landgrabs – Somerset – N2

  The N2 highway in Somerset West has been closed in both directions as a result of a land invasion.   City of Cape Town traffic service's Richard Coleman said law enforcement authorities were on the scene.   "Due to the land invasion operation in Somerset West the N2 is closed in both directions between Somerset Main… Continue reading Landgrabs – Somerset – N2

Landgrabs South Africa

Is Government ANC that promised land and houses, not the provinces. 10 April 2019 - Residents of Ramaphosa village in Vereeniging have vowed to remain in the area despite their shacks being demolished by the Red Ants - leaving them homeless after evictions that turned bloody on Wednesday.   Broken windows, twisted debris, tears, anger and… Continue reading Landgrabs South Africa

Agri SA and land expropriation

  Agri, which incorporates Die Boer / The Farmer, is Agri SA's bi-monthly magazine.   The magazine provides background information on policies, legislation and programs of interest to farmers.    It also provides advice, expansion and news on current events to more than 29 000 farmers who are members of Agri SA through the respective affiliates. … Continue reading Agri SA and land expropriation