Trustland (homeland) perception

Most of the Homelands of South Africa before 1994 changed to Trustlands, they did not disasppear.   Names has been changed and new legislations were implemented.  Most of the homelands are situated in rainy areas.   Even landclaims fall under another legislation and they all have only communal lands (no title deed) – all separate from each other.

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The 1913 Land Act made it law that 9% of South Africa’s land was ‘reserved’ for ownership by 67% of its people. The 1936 Native Land and Trust Act increased it to 13%. So-called ‘native reserves’ were established with the aim to remove the African population from South Africa. In the 1960’s the government decided to take away the South African citizenship of black Africans by declaring that the ‘native reserves’ should become ‘independent states’.

UNTRUE:  During the time of the homelands (61-94) all leaders of the Homelands (previously reserves) decided for themselves and their peoples – not the NP or Verwoerd government.  The Homelands even have elections, they elected their own leaders, all homelands have a flag of their own as well as a national anthem.   The previous government did not decide on behalf of those different ethnic groups of people.   Some of those Homelands also have their own police and army.

To give independence to any ethnic people is an international right – all self-government homeland were given opportunities to better themselves, to rule themselves and their leaders after 1961 decided they wanted freedom to rule themselves.

Is like the citizens of Namibia, Swaziland, Lesotho and Botswana, that was previously part of southern Africa and British colonies, and any other independent country in the world.

Those reserves or homelands were there since 1854 and the colonial Shepstone Policy.  They were indeed priviledge that border industries were also created for both of them, they were also trained to development themselves.

The maps of the 1910 reserves were much smaller as on this map.


Read about some of the developments that took place during that time


Bophuthatswana Homeland (SA)

Ingonyama Trustgebied (en andere)

It was not to take away anything from any blacks – but it will be equal to all
Goeie buurmanskap Dr Verwoerd

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